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[sat alone playing with toy cows]
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Reckon that’s some herd you’ve rustled up there.
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Ya always were a skittish little thing, worse than a new born foal. Hell, a new born foal was a lot easier. It didn’t yowl, puke, and piss on me all at once. Seems to me you got a right to be all big eyed at me, like you are now. You were just a little tike when I brought you to gramps and your Pa’s.

You used to be big eyed at me then too, till I got you, Moo, there.

*Points at the cow.* After that you got real sweet on me. Excepting times you gotta puke on me.
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Ah-uh, I sure am. Ain’t surprised my name got tossed around in this family, we all got them ties like that.

My, you sure got big.
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That’s about the size of it. Ya folks figured I’d be kinda a Pa fer ya iffin’ they ever got lost. So they sent y’all to me till a proper Ma and Pa could come along to take care of y’all. I knew your gramps and them two boys would be a good, safe, place for you.

Ah-uh, we all gotta leave. We got itchy feet that needs to be a-walking, how things are with us mob.
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Y'all get around with cows and horses like I us ol' cowboys do, after a while y'all get that's the language folks 'round them speak.

*Watches her carefully.* Reckon that's a mighty lot of places a little one like you got. Don't rightly matter if it's a sad place. Or a place that ain't safe, it's your place. Most little kids ain't even got that. Never had. They don't have no cows to keep them warm at night neither. And no daddies that want them. Y'all got that and a whole bunch of folk who love ya like yer their own. Yowling 'bout nothing is a whole waste of being sad, and it pisses on the good things you do have.