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-sat alone waiting for a bus-
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[Worried when he sees a little girl so young sitting alone at a bus stop, Sam walks over with his cup of tea in hand and sits down. He glances at her.]

Hi. First time taking the bus?
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I know someone with a cow just like that.

[He notices the cow and smiles a little.]

Smart girl. But? Are you suppose to be riding the bus alone?

[When Eothian appears from where Sam had gotten his tea he steps back giving him room to talk to the little girl.]
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*If Sam is there, Eothian isn't far behind him.*

Baby girl? What the heck are you doing out here alone. Where's Fia and Al?
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*Goes to her and crouches down to her eye level.

What's the matter, Bella?
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*Taps her lip gently.*

No pouting.

C’mere her and give me a hug. Then tell me why you’re so sad.
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*Reaches for his duffle bag and finds Moo-Moo. Then settles her and him up on the bus bench. He stretches out, to hold her against him.*

Baby, I don’t want to run away from my family; I just found them again. I looked every where for them and if I ran away Fia and Fin be sad too.

Just like if you ran away everyone will be sad. You know, grandpa and grandma. Fia. Al. Monster, I mean Hawken and Brea. Even me. We can’t live with the fairies --- Hawken can because he’s one of them. We’re not one of them and we belong in this world. While you belong home with Al and Fia.


*Tilts her chin up to look at him.*

You can’t run away when things are sad. You have to stay until they are better again, if you run away nothing will ever be better. Okay?
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Hey…*Hugs her gently.*

You know Al and Fia love you, right? You’re the most important person in this whole world to them. Do they know you’re sad?
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*Wipes away her tears with his fingertips.*

Yeah, that’s how grown ups are.

Baby, maybe we should ask them if you can go to a playgroup. Would you like that?
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*Holds her tight against him.*

Bella, don’t run away from me. If you go to the fairies you can’t ask me to marry you. And Moo-Moo will miss Moo, and he’ll cry and cry.
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*Sighs softly.*

I’d like to see you grow up and to explore the world through all the years you have, or could have. I could die tomorrow and you’d be grown up without me.

Baby, I love you but I won’t change you into something you’re not ready for. You need to be a little girl. The little girl everyone, including me, loves. Because we won’t always have you and you’ll grow up too. Then we’ll have a big girl we can love. We don’t want to miss out on anything you are or will be, because we might not always have you either.
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Cause you’re little. And little, tiny things can slip past you. Before you notice it they’re gone and you're wishing they weren't, like when you forget all the reasons to be happy.

But I bet they’re looking for you and they're scared and sad and crying. How about we go home, so they don't cry? Me and Sam will take you there. I can ask Fia and Al if the Easter bunny left me any Easter eggs. There must be a whole lot of Easter eggs for me.

I know the bunny left some for you with me.

…I ate some.

Please, Bella, don't cry.