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[Nursing a cocktail, waiting for someone]
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[ Sits down not far and orders a coke of all things... Has an umbrella patch sewed on his jacket, the white parts filled in black.]
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[ He looked up at her a moment looking to the patch.]

Maybe that's the point?
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I'm not a kid first off,[ He shrugged some looking over at her.]

Second, It's not a death wish, despite what I said. It's a calling card for a bastard that used to work for them.
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...I was on Sheena Island. [ He spoke, most people didn't even know what that was. Hell everyone he had met thus far just told him he was crazy but he had seen what that Tyrant did to his mother and he knew his father was involved.]

I know what I am up against, and considering I mirror the bastard, as long as I carry his patch I'll find him and finish off the family affairs.
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Raccoon City, I tip my hat to you. [ He literally did too, since he was wearing a hat.] That was a bloody mess that was. My old man was one of the top researchers on Sheena Island and bastard managed to evac with most of the survivors, last I heard he was working for Wilpharma but with them out of commission i'm just following paper trails.

I figure the patch is a good way to let people know that I am not a fan of that shit.
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No problem. [ he looked back at the bar tender and motioned him over once she got her refill.] How about some rum for this. [ he motioned to the coke.] Trust me I know, I've been looking for a few years now.

I don't really care much, if someone attacks me then i know I'm getting close. I survived that shit and I'll keep surviving until I've finished this. He did not, I don't have the blood type. However his pets did kill my mother and get me stranded on a boat for a little over a month when I was a teenager. That's more then enough for me to want to kill him.
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[ He didn't say anything about the drink either just taking a drink when it was sat down.] I'm not big on getting drunk, I like being in control of myself and knowing what all I do.

That's seriously fucked up. Still everyone sees their own trauma as the worst and for me what happened those last days will haunt me forever so i will hunt him to try and get some peace.
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Well, my past has a giant red mark on me that keeps me from moving forward. So if Im stuck at this state I have two choices find him and end it. Or sit and feel sorry for myself, and I refuse to feel sorry for myself.

It will at least stop him from experimenting on kids and that's enough peace for me. [ After a boy is forced to eat his childhood pet to survive after seieng his mom ripped apart he kind of holds a grudge.]
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Thanks, means a lot coming from a survivor of raccoon city. [ He finished the drink off and sat it down smiling at her.]
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They sound like good people. [ he spoke with a nod. It was strange talking to another survivor. but nice all the same.] Sure it wasn't, must have been hard on you.
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13 seems about the age we all were when these things happened. [ he shook his head some at that and then nodded to her.] To keep them safe? [ That finally hit him.]
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I'm Francis Farinella, alas I don't know many of the people my father worked with. He kept me and my mother out of the loop on anything to do with his job.
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He may have, but the things he did can not be forgiven. He was breeding monsters out of children. It's unforgivable.
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Both our fathers were bastards it seems. [ He lifted the rum and coke then and held it towards her.] Well then a toast to the children of evil men making the world somewhat better?