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[ Looking over junk food at 7/11.]
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[Reaches over to snag a bag of cool ranch chips] Excuse me.
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Not if you're mixing them with buffalo hot wing ones. [She holds up the other bag she has in hand.]
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[She looked at him a moment to judge if he was serious] Make it code red or white out and more my kind of party. [Okay maybe add some alcohol, but hey she has to be at work at two am.]
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It's the only thing that I found that doesn't remind me of work. [She grinned back] Sherry, [She shook his hand]
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[Well there's a loaded question, Tell him she killed people for a living oh and was a lab rat...] Work in public relations. Currently for a big pharmaceutical company.

[She grabbed the ice cream for him since now she was craving it you evil evil man you] Just got to town actually, a day early they don't even have my apartment ready.
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Yeah I know, but hey pays the bills at least. And lets me work on my own endeavors in my free time. [Like the sexy bike she came to town on]

Oh? Traveling for work or pleasure?
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Not like I have anything to do until orientation at two tomorrow. And snacks are better than ordering take out again. One more pizza I'm gonna get sick.

Oh? Never could get into computers really [She lies but hey web design isn't her thing, hacking on the other hand is.] I know I'm probably the only public relations person without a twimbler or whatever it's called.
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Huh, sour or plain? [She grabbed both and the oreos no problem there.]

I just never had use for them growing up. Except for writing reports. Very dull and misused childhood. Mostly learning how to hunt.
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Guessed I would rather spend my time in the woods? Gives me a break from trying to paint assholes in a good light all the time. [She shook her head putting her things down.]

And that was cool. My parents were married to their work, which is why my uncle raised me. [that was probably the easiest lie she had about her childhood]
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[She got it but easily looked confused for the sake of her cover.] Would have killed for a tree house and a parent that was home more than three hours a week.

Slushie and hotdogs from seven years old, taught myself how to cook when I was ten out of boredom.
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Well I had my uncle so guess it wasn't that bad. [She chuckled a little.] I have a rule about no strange guys in my room. Fall back from when I was in school, but hey works. No offense.

[She snagged one of the bags from him.] See I could never master that one. Even if it's the little microwave cups.
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[She laughed] Oh my we're neighbors, I'm across the hall in 7-D.

Well we can see how tonight goes. Then maybe my apartment if it's ready by then.
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Sounds good, will give me time to check messages too. [She laughed] Though really how long have you been here that you've made a mess of your room?
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Oh god, I've done that one before. Had everything packed up too. Took me two hours to unpack the truck just to search all the boxes.
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Twenty minutes then.

I could see where that would suck though.