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[ On the balcony wearing a robe. ]
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[And here would be Sherry chuckling a little as she watches him a moment from where she's seated with a sketchbook in her lap. yeah, her sketch isn't that impressive she keeps getting distracted.]
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No I'm not. I think I've had a little too much wine. [She tossed the sketchbook down with a laugh.] And you're lucky I don't have to work tomorrow or this would have ended before the first glass.
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[Oh if you only knew Francis, she never goes out of work mode.] Because you happened to make friends with one of those people married to their job.

and hey! it's not that... okay, so I can't draw. Love to pretend I know how.
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[She shook her head] Had a few friends who tried to teach me in college. Didn't work well.

[She nodded.] Yeah you grabbed it saying you were cold about twenty minutes ago. [which would explain why she's lacking it, but hey, it's too hot for more clothes anyway.]

And no I can't someone keeps making me laugh.
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Zeppelin's not that bad.

[And there was another blush.]

I think they're in the other room. [At least she hopes they are?] And... I should order take out. [Because yeah topic change would be nice...]
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Ew please say you have better taste than that.

[She nodded.] What are you in for? I could probably eat a whole order of sweet and sour on my own
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They can't hear. [Oops, probably shouldn't have said that.] Heard they hunt by sense of smell and touch more than hearing.

[She nodded reaching for the phone to make the order.]
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[the food was on the way and she padded out next to him.] Glad the place is actually out of the city somewhat. If we were on the strip we wouldn't see the stars. [She leaned against the rail]

[she knew what her mission here really was going to be, but Sherry wanted at least this... someone that she could at least pretend to be normal around. The warm evening breeze brought the smell of rain carried from somewhere nearby. made his scent more tolerable.]
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Raccoon was like that... Well, at least where our house was. I'd go out in the back yard, even after curfew and watch the stars.

[when he quoted the movie she couldn't help but giggle.] Way to ruin the moment there.
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Rather live in the mountains. that way the big flood ever happens better chance of being above it.

[she did smirk and pointed to where her bike was a little further away.] My baby actually. I can strip her down and build her back up in two hours. And I'm the only one who can fix her if there's a problem.
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COld slows zombies down too, or so I've heard.

It was tricky to learn, but I do okay.
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See there's a bonus to the cold. [She'd prefer the heat too, but to keep people she thought were worth saving she'd deal with the cold.]

I am not. [That giggled though, yeah, she turned more red, glad they couldn't see it. She hadn't thought he would be THAT bare under the robe!]

Yeah... might be a good idea.