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 [Curled in armchair; book in hand.]
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Not sure if you play off the 90's spiderman but hell why not!

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[ Michael had landed at the wrong apartment window, he was looking for Felicia Hardy but seeing the blond he did not realize he had the wrong place. Opening the window he stepped inside.] My love, I am sorry I have been away so very long.
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Awesome! Well enjoy my 90's spider vamp!

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[ Micheal whom had only in the past 6 months learned to control his mutation, aka not look like he walked out of a 50's vampire horror looked to her with shock.] My deepest apologies, my fair lady! I was looking for another!
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Might I ask a question of you before I go? [ He asked quietly.]
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Do you know where Felicia Hardy might live? I have been away some time and clearly her address must have changed. I understand completely if you do not.
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Yes yes! Blond hair like yours, which is why I thought you to be her. Again my apologize for the invasion. My name is Michael and I thank you for the information. [ he bowed slightly stepping back on the railing.] I bid you a good evening, madame.
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[ It was normal for him to fly but to avoid looking a bigger freak then he often looks he smiled again to her.] That would be most kind of you.

[ Coming back down off her rail he moved inside of the apartment once more towards the door.] Again I am very sorry, I don't believe I caught your name.
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[ Considering it was the city of Spiderman maybe it was something she was used to? Michael was not about to look a gifted horse in the mouth.] Gwen, like the queen of Camelot? [ That got another smile as he reached the door a hand on the knob.] One last question if you don't mind Lady Gwen, does Dr. Connors still teach at ESU?
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I am so used to the Small tag, I apologize!

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[ Michael smiled a little more then it it seemed possible to do so, seeming very thrilled at the news.] Yes! Before I dropped out of ESU I was one of his students, I was in a competition against a man named Peter Parker to be his lab assistant. Though that may be too much history to share, I should be on my way then. Maybe I can catch him before he leaves the lab tonight.
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Thank you~ I normally to to mesh with whatever the other I rp with uses.

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[ He already had the door half open then before looking back and nodding.] Yes I know Parker, as I said we were in Connors class together competing for the best biogenetics experiment.
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[ He nodded in return to her.] Thank you Lady Gwen, maybe I shall see you around then. Until then I bid you fair well. [ The door closing behind him and off into the night went the vampire.]