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Post-lunch decomposing body examination.


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Always hate when that happens myself.

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Nothing like a good meal getting ruined.
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[Somehow Carol Cheryl Crystal Christina has made her way into the very same morgue or lab or whatever. Who knows what she did to get past security (probably best if you don't ask).

[She rushes up to the table and gasps dramatically, like someone who is having the very life sucked from their lungs and whispers:]
Is that a lifeless body?
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[And again with the weird gasping as she reaches out an ungloved hand to stroke the dead guy's chest. Because that's what Candice does. Or maybe it's Casta. Courtney? She'll figure it out one day.]

...and you just have dead guys here? I should really build myself a room like this for secret parties...and you're invited but don't wear that because it looks ew gross and I can pick out something better.
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