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Better get on with it, then.
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"I'm not sure which of us likes this less." Rory uncovered the needle and drew a little blood from it for the blood test. "Especially with what passes for medicine here."
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"I keep having to remind myself this is the 1930s. And it's not their fault my medical care was more advanced in 300AD." Rory shook his head. "All done." He pulled the needle full of blood out of her arm.
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"Now? This is the bit I'm not so sure about." Rory dipped the blood into a glass jar with a skull and crossbones on it and added something to the blood. "Warfarin to prevent clotting. It's the chromatography results I need to remember." He dropped a large drop of blood onto the centre of what looked lke blotting paper. "I've been wondering. Do you think I should sign up for World War 2?"
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"I wouldn't be carrying a gun." Rory shrugged as he watched the blood spread up the paper. "Medical corps. And we know when I die in this timeline. Aged 82. Plus I know more about what's going on than anyone else on the planet."
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Rory would have been amazed by her thought processes. By his count he was two thousand years old and had been to the end of the galaxy and back. What fuller life did he need? Other than her. "I don't. But the other option is if all the doctors ship out I can work in New York. Probably nicer. What do you want to do?"
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Rory teased her affectionately. "When have you ever not thought term? And you're going to fit in less well than I am. We've not had the 70s yet and the feminists. Unless you want to get involved in politics and kick things off early?"
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"It started even before the Suffragettes. But you have something that no one else does, love." Rory smiled at her. "You've seen the path. You can have a lot of confidence in what you're trying for." He then smirked. "I would say A-line skirts would suit you. But I don't know anything that wouldn't."
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"And why would I want to be careful?" Rory smiled. "That it will. Can you imagine the faces of people if you wear miniskirts around now? Or even tight leggings? Even mine's going to have to change." Although doctors were allowed to be slightly odd. With a smile he stole a brief kiss.
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Rory's eyes were slightly dazed after the deeper kiss as they normally were and it was quite obvious he wasn't reacting. "Yes..." He reflexively rubbed the tip of his nose against hers, thinking he'd just agreed with something nice - but not entirely sure.
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Rory slowly refocussed, his eyes coming to rest on hers. "Don't worry. The coming decades aren't bad. And they get a whole lot better." As someone who'd lived through them he could be fairly certain of this.
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((OOC: Sorry. Net broke.))

Rory smiled. "Chromatography's working. I'm looking for colours. And for something that I hope won't be there." He turned to kiss her on the cheek. "With luck the TARDIS has given us a second gift. Immunities to some diseases." He shuddered. He'd seen more smallpox than he cared to think about.
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"A couple of tests." Rory shrugged. "You know that we got rid of smallpox in the 50s. And I don't think you had all your vaccinations? I'm trying to see if the TARDIS has done something so we don't need to worry about that."

((OOC: Thank you :D))
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"Amy..." Rory shook his head. Now wasn't the time to have an old argument with her about herd immunity. Instead he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms round her. "The chromatography's looking good. The next thing to do is leave that sample a couple of days on that gunk I made yesterday." He didn't actually think he'd find penicillin a couple of years early, but there was no harm in looking.
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Rory gently brushed her hair out of the way and kissed the back of her neck. "It'll be OK, Amy. Just a new world to explore. And get used to. And you're good at exploring."
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Rory laughed and kissed the back of her neck again. "I'm normally exploring to find out what's happened to you!"
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"Or you just find the nearest bad guys and let them kidnap you." Rory shrugged. "It seems to work. Although you do make me worry."
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"Potatoe, potahto." Rory wrapped his arms around her with a smile. "At least you can get yourself out normally."
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"There are always Nazis to fight. Real ones." Rory smiled. "Although I don't think we'll lock Hitler in the closet again." He hoped he hadn't just put his foot in it - he knew the whole thing hurt him, but not as badly as it did her.
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"I don't think we could make it anyway. Possibly fifteen years earlier." Rory shrugged. "But does that make me Charlie?" Although that would mean only one Angel - he'd let her draw the comparison.
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"Nothing wrong with River getting close to me." Rory frowned. He'd said somehting to upset her. Then he kicked himself. Of course. Angels. Idiot. His own voice was equally bright. "Can I count Mels and River as two people?"
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"Then that's three. And you don't have a rival there." Rory smiled slightly at her frown. "Living a long time gets confusing whatever."
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"I don't think River ever wants to be told her age." Rory smiled then frowned. "I'm not even sure exactly how old we are."
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"You two have always made your own rules, haven't you?" Rory's smile was affectionate. And in truth so had he - he just didn't like to admit it.
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"Compared to you two or the Doctor I'm barely even a beginner." Rory frowned. Of course compared to any non-time travellers he was an expert when he needed to be - being able to almost keep up with those three made everything else seem easy.