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Really want some chocolate right now...
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I'd ask for a lot of chocolate instead of some but I don't want to appear greedy.
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what am I even doing

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I can make that happen, if you like!
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"And I take it Hershey's Kisses don't count as chocolate?" Rory frowned. He actually had some that he refused to touch.
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"Hersheys?" Rory frowned. "Of course they do. They have for thirty or so years. And Cadbury's and Rowntrees are older. I'm just not sure Hershey Kisses are chocolate."
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Rory frowned. "I don't get my first paycheck for a few days." Which was a pain. He was, right now, an effectively unlicensed doctor. Not that that would be a problem for long, he thought. Except with the licensed ones. And he needed contacts to do housecalls. He didn't blame her at all for wanting chocolate - to tell the truth he wanted some too.
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Rory hugged her. "You were a travel writer, Amy. And you can still translate anything. Also if you want to write sci-fi you've been there. You can write more imaginative stories than anyone."
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"We'll never be normal, Amy. And I don't want to be." Rory smiled. "Just enough to fit in. And doctors are allowed to be eccentric." He leant down slightly to steal a quick kiss. "We'll travel when we can."
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"At least it's not the fifties." Rory frowned. "No Red Scares yet. And I'm not a real doctor. But they don't have real nurses here, so a doctor's better than nothing." A smirk looked odd on Rory, but it was definitely a smirk. "And I have a fancy scalpel and a few toys."
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"How much do we want to?" Rory smiled and stole a quick kiss. "Money won't be too bad soon. And if we invent things early, we improve the world."
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Rory shrugged. "It was always good enough for me in the World Without Stars. Not that I had much to invent by the time the Patent Office existed." Or that he'd been able to do too much. "A good inventor will invent other things we wouldn't know about."
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"Ones like your favourite chocolate teapot and inflatable dartboard?" Rory smiled. But then he had a few ideas of his own he wanted in common use a few decades early. Some diseases were deadly.
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Rory kissed back then frowned. "I'm not sure I can. In the world without stars they were invented by someone else." Following his guidance that he'd been laying down for hundreds of years. But Rory wasn't really a researcher.
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"Not until after the War." Rory shrugged. "We invest hard in IBM then. But right now it's things the military will need in a year or two. Cars and trucks or fabric for uniforms."
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It happens

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"And transistors." Rory shook his head. "Our phones are probably worth more than anything else in the world right now. At least I got my charger back from Henry the Eighth."
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Welcome back!

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"Unless we want to try to beat Vegas I don't know." Rory frowned. "You're the smart one here. Although..." He frowned, pulling out his phone. He could make cross-time phone calls. The question was whether he had a cross time internet and wikipedia connection.
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Rory flushed slightly. "I'd only thought they might be able to get information back here. I'd wondered if my Wikipedia app would work. But that's a much better idea!"