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Don't make me kick your ass.
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I beg your pardon?
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What? This? [She tugs at the box she was holding, which the man is now holding, too. Had they reached for the tea at the same time?]
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[Is he looming? Her fingers tighten on the box, because this is Amy and she isn't easily intimidated. Ask anyone.]

Does that warrant you threatening to kick my arse?

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Oh, well, that makes it all right, then.

[Still. Holding. Box. Stubborn woman.]
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[Did he just call her -? Amy straightens - and she's pretty tall - and gives him a look that might make another man back down.]

Did you just call me British? I'm Scottish, you ignorant twat!

[And she tugs at the box of tea.]
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[Astonished and very angry, Amy releases the box and gives his cheek a good, hard slap with the flat of her hand.]

You're a rude man and a dishonour to your gender!

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No, you are... What happened to your eye?
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You... what?

[That sounded horrific!]
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What sort of test explodes someone's eyeball?

[And how weird was it having this conversation in a shop with a strange man who had called her a 'sheepfucker'?]
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You're saying you can move things with your mind? Like a superhero in a comic?

[He was welcome to the box of tea. It wasn't impossible, she figured, the telekinesis thing, having traveled with the Doctor and seen all sorts of things, but really? Maybe if she slipped out the door now, this looney wouldn't be able to reach her...]
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[She pauses and refrains from taking a step back. He sounds almost... reasonable...]

Right. Well, just don't make a habit of it. The sheep thing, I mean, not the... being a science experiment, though I can't see that being a very good time, either.
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What... stuff?

[She wonders if she should really ask that question...]
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Uh... that's good. Yeah.