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[He hasn't slept in three days.]
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['Round that corner and down the dark alley, a drug exchange is happening. Typical set up: dealer standing, junkie on his knees, paying in the best way he can. It's over in a matter of minutes, and Stretch is spitting out against the filthy concrete. The back is tossed down, hits him in the chest, bounces off like a dejected piece of garbage.]

Yeah, have a nice fuckin' day. I'll be here all week.

[Grumbled after the guy has walked well out of earshot. He spits again, gets the bag and shoves it down his pants. He stands, starts to walk off, only to round the corner and run into Mark with enough unexpected force that he stumbles back several steps.]

Uh... hi.

[Uncertainly. Cop or not? Can't fuckin tell these days. He wipes at his mouth with a loose hoody sleeve.]
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[Seems like he wasn't the only addict out and about. He observed the other more closely. Hm, no, maybe not on something, but certainly several fries short of a happy meal.

Better than a cop giving him a pat down. Crazy was good. He could roll with crazy. Even if he was eager to get home and enjoy his new stash.]

Yeah, sorry 'bout that. My fault, I should've looked where I was going. [Anxious moving from one foot to the other.] Ain't no hurry here, man. I'm just, y'know, enjoyin' the scenery. Can't a guy do that anymore?