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They just had to wander off.
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That's part of being around you, you know. I'm blaming you anyway.
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Yes you did and when you wander off, I have to wander off to find you! [And that's how trouble starts!] You do not ask me politely, you point your finger and give me that look.
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[She pulls her head away a little, laughing] Stop it.
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[she grins and takes his hand] Sounds great.
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...it was a talking, levitating fish, Doctor. How could I not investigate?
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Doctor, I'm a scientist. And that means take a few - abet absurd - risks. [She never thought she'd go chasing after a floating fish before. And she's seen a lot of madness in her family.] And, for the record, the fish was very nice. His name was -- I'm pretty sure I can't pronounce the name in English, but he was perfectly polite. He even let me do a quick DNA scan of his scales.