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Crime has no place in Gotham.
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[It wasn't often Sebastian found himself in Gotham- that was more Wayne's territory, but every so often, business or social obligations caused him to end up here. But he'd heard about this new DA that intended to clean up the city, one that the wider nation had virtually written off.

Gotham and Detroit. They saved New York, they saved Pittsburgh, any number of other Rust Belt cities seemed to be coming back. But nobody held out much hope for Gotham or Detroit. Except this man, it seemed.]

Mr. Dent, that's quite an ambitious goal you've laid out there.

[If Sebastian is reading Dent correct, as a genuine idealist, that would make him perhaps the only non-corrupt official of any importance in the entire city.]

Then again, I can appreciate a man with ambition.

[He extends his hand.]

Sebastian Shaw.

[He had built himself up from nothing to a vast, multibillion dollar empire, primarily as a military industrialist. He's here negotiating the sales of sophisticated weaponry and surveillance technology to the GPD.

The hand, if Harvey accepts it is a strong one. Steely, even. He offers Dent a small smile.]

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[Sebastian has a vested interest in a climate of law and order. It was good for business, and business was the lifeblood of America. Harvey would probably be aghast at some of the goings-on of the international Hellfire Club, but they're a little beyond his jurisdiction.]

I'm here negotiating a deal with the Gotham Police Force. Weapons, body armour, surveillance technology. The equipment you will need to make good on that promise to clean the city up.

[His voice drops slightly.]

Between you and me, Mr. Dent, many of your greatest enemies aren't out there. They're inside- the police department, the judges.

I would've had the deal worked out weeks ago, but for the small fact that neither I nor my men feel the need to pay corrupt cops bribes.

[The reason the deal had gone forward at all was that Shaw Industries was not easily bullied. Mob men had tried not so long ago to give him a little "lesson". They'd learned the hard way, that they didn't have what it took to scare him off. So now they tried the red tape approach.]
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The Gotham Police Force are a major potential market. I think we could both agree that it's good to know your market before you try to enter it. I'm slightly surprised, though, that you hadn't heard.

Of course I do. It's very difficult to do business in a city where the Mob is as powerful as the Mayor's Office. I hope that changes soon.

[On the question of the goods, you needn't worry, Dent. Sebastian is a well-regarded arms manufacturer with long-running contracts with several national militaries. Everything is perfectly legitimate.]

Sad, yes. You'll have your hands full trying to determine who is and who isn't.
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Ah yes, naturally.

[He looks thoughtful for a moment.]

You know, Mr. Dent, there may be something I can offer to help you with that, if you're having trouble trusting the people you work with. I work in defence- much of which involves state secrets and highly valuable technology.

You can imagine the sort of bad people who might like to get inside my operations. So I needed a way to find out who I could trust and who I needed to kick the hell off my property.

[He sips the drink in his hand.]

Telepaths, Mr. Dent. I have several in my employ, and I could loan one to your office.