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...Smaug richer than Stark? *reading magazine*
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I think it's worse than a Cullen is richer than Stark.
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Fictional character from that Twilight book series. It makes me sad that I know that. Blame Spider-Girl.

[She glances at the magazine and taps her lips.]

I haven't read those books, but I'm guessing since the guy is a vampire, he bought stock in companies early. Maybe? If you're interested I'm sure that Anya would love to tell you all about it.
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That's a good thing. Never change that. I was better off not knowing.

I'm glad that Scrooge McDuck is at the top. He should etch that achievement into the side of his vault.
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I hope so.

And by the way, happy new year.

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Only by a few billion. Chump change, really.
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[Briefly looking up from her own book she offers a small shrug of shoulders.] Depending on the dragon, I suppose. Granted he was killed. Could be why his net worth plummeted.
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Perhaps he's not dead and that just so happens to be the price it takes to place a dragon into hiding? [She lowers the book, "The Nature of Space and Time", to give him full attention.]

Do you think they, [a nod in the direction of the magazine.], took into consideration exchange rates of worlds?
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To be fair to Stark, Smaug probably doesn't pump his yearly profits into super armor and the restoration costs for property damage.
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Well... that's gotta be Erebor, right? The 7.9 billion loss? But why didn't he just lose it all when he got slain? Does he have an estate that the rest of it got left to or something? [ He's squinting at it, now.

Then he has to stop and shake his head and take stock of his life for a second.
] Okay, I mean, can we take a minute to appreciate that someone at Forbes got paid real money to figure out how much net worth the Twilight Vampires, Scrooge McDuck and Smaug all have?
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Don't look at me, I read the scientific world journal in my free time, which (if I am to believe the guy that occasionally shoves me in my locker) is not acceptably "fun" either.

[ Not that Flash or anybody else at school can shove him into his locker now but that's not the point. ]
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Oh-- yeah, sure, hang on. [ He's got your back, Bruce! He goes fishing through his backpack for the slightly beaten up and wrinkled (hey he's a teenager it's bound to be a mess somehow) latest copy of a science journal, handing it over. ] I've, uh, read some of your articles, too.

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he needs more love!

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And Scrooge McDuck makes his triumphant return to the top.
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Hoarding gold is apparently where it's at.

I'm just going to sit over here and quietly stew that I'm always left off that list.
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One person's fiction is another's reality.