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You can't keep me here forever!
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24 hour detainment is not "forever".
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Trespassing and alleged theft. [She does, however, earn herself the magazine magazine that's dog-eared and positively ancient looking] Here.
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[Alex stares at her - he should probably remember to blink more often, he's noticed it tends to creep people out if he doesn't - and then starts to turn to leave, his body swiveling with a soft hiss]

I'll see what I can do.
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[He eventually comes back with an old cell phone, scuffed and clearly Darcy isn't the first person to use it - she might want to reconsider how much she presses it to her ear because it probably hasn't been sanitized that much. Alex's footsteps fall heavy and robotic as he marches back to her cell]


[He holds it out to her between the bars]
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[That's one way to make a call. From the way Darcy talks a mile-a-minute, you'd think this isn't the first time she's been detained. Alex takes the phone back, his hand snaking through bars without thinking that she could grab it, try to break his arm - things like that are a thing of the past and he has to admit, he doesn't miss worrying about that part.]

You're welcome, ma'am. Do you require water?

[He might be a cyborg, but he's not completely heartless here]

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[Darcy's water, thankfully, comes in a bottle with the seal unbroken. ]

Twenty. You'll live. [It might even sound like humor coming from Alex, despite that electronic undertone or the hulking armor]
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It's four. Trust me. [He files "prone to exaggeration" under what he knows about Darcy] This isn't the first time you've been detained, is it?

[There's some...weird things filed under the available reports on this Darcy, Alex not sure what to believe]
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lemme know if I should change anything.

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Alleged breaking and entering across several state lines, grand theft auto, theft, and obstruction of justice.

[Alex consults the records. They're arranged in tiles he flips through on his HUD. To Darcy, though, she'll only be able to see a slight flickering of his eyes, as if he's reading an invisible book]

Oddly enough, most of the charges don't stick.

[Slippery, basically. Exactly the kind of person who makes the detective in Alex suspicious]