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 I have seen much weirder things
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I don't doubt it, but you have to agree this is rather curious.
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Sherlock is not a doctor.

[And maybe she just doesn't feel like dealing with him today. Ever since she broke things off with Tom, Sherlock has seemed more insufferable than usual. Which was either the case or just her perception of it.]
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[She doesn't answer his question, only focuses back on the body.]

She was found in the storage room of a tube station.
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[She sighs as well.]

I suppose. It's more about how Sherlock seems to be pleased that things didn't work out with him.

[Or maybe it was more that he was pleased that he was right that things wouldn't work out with them.]

You recognize her?
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Do you think her death would have anything to do with working for Sherlock? Is he working on anything right now that's particularly involved or dangerous?

[She reddens a bit. It took getting some distance from Tom to realize what she'd done in finding someone who looked so like Sherlock. Then she felt rather foolish and terrible.]

I didn't do it on purpose, you know.
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But Jim can't really be back. Sherlock said he watched him shoot himself in the head.

[And of course John had watched Sherlock go face first onto the pavement, but she can't imagine Sherlock wouldn't know a fatal gunshot wound when he saw one.]

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You think there's someone bigger than Jim out there? Someone pulling the strings?

[That sounded awful considering how much power Jim seemed to have.]
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From what Sherlock told me though, Jim wasn't just a ruthless killer, he was a complete psychopath bent on world domination. Could you really train someone to replace someone like that?
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Luckily, he discounted me.

[The corner of her mouth lifted slightly for a moment.

He thought she was just a pawn to be used to get to Sherlock.]

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I've never been so please to be discounted in my life.

[It's a joke, but she does often gets discounted. She's always been the quiet one who doesn't seem to stand out in any way. But being quiet often means you know more than everyone else who's talking because you're actually listening.]
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That's why Sherlock came to me. Because Moriarty didn't think of me as part of Sherlock's circle. I wasn't worth keeping an eye on or even killing. Sherlock couldn't include you because you were the person he was trying to save by disappearing. It had to look authentic.

[And really what better way to appear dead than to have your best friend clearly in mourning for you.]

He saved your lives.
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I know.

It was awful, not being able to tell you. Or anyone. Having to watch his image get dragged through the mud in the press.

[Never mind her own credibility at work for allowing him in to the lab so often.]
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I did. Occasionally. He would stay with me for a few days and then disappear for a time.

He was...different.

[More distant. Tired. Haggard.]

I think it all took a toll on him - the lies, seeing your pain, falling in with the people he had to in order to get to Moriarty's network.

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