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[Whistling whilst cutting open a body.]
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[ John is there to help Molly with the autopsy, he knows she is the expert in these things but there doesn't hurt to have an extra hand sometimes. He reaches his hand over for the rib cutters, oh, how he loves these things especially when they're simply pruning sheers from a local hardware store. ]

There is nothing like an autopsy to start the morning! [ He smiles from under the surgical mask, not as if she can see it. ]

Of course, having a body is relatively good news. This means we can figure what happened, and we can bring whoever did this to justice.
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[ John doesn't seem to mind the upbeat mood, it sure makes having to deal with the dead far easier. He looks at the rib cutters, and his lips twist upwards into a smile. ] No, no, no... [ He places the cutters back on the table with the rest of the tools. ] It's fine to feel a bit upbeat in this type of environment.

So, I'd hardly call you whistling a tone awful. I'd worry more if you became cold and callous. [ He grabs hold of a mug of lukewarm tea, and he goes to take a sip before he reaches back for the rib cutters. He holds them up for Molly to see. ] I've got these same hedge shears at home.

[ He then angles them downwards, and he begins to snip apart the ribs. He bites down on his tongue as he applies force to crack open the ribs. ]
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[ John gets to the last rib, and this one seems to be giving him a bit of trouble for some reason. He stops with his work, and looks up to Molly curious as to why she's feeling upbeat. ] Oh, do share!

[ He then looks back down at the one rib he's can't seem to get between the blades. ]

As for getting into trouble, I'm still a doctor, so I might be able to pull a little weight still. If not, I'll take the blame for it.
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You did? Molly that's wonderful news, I'm very happy to hear about your success!

[ John did notice the flowers in the office, he isn't sure if it has to do with getting published or not. He looks down at the clippers, and then back to her.

He smiles, and he then hands the clippers over to her.
] Sure, I'm not going to stop you. But, I just hope all of this new found fame won't get to your head. Course, you're not the type to let things get to your head.

[ He tries not to forget the corpse, nor the case he's been working on to help put away the murder who was responsible for this man's death. But, for now he focuses on some small talk, as gets ready to help shift through the poor bloke's remains. ]
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[ John did hear hear it, and he figures it was not his place to pry. What with it being something a bit personal. And there being a job to that needed to be done, John left it be for now. Of course, John might take a chance to show support for Molly's decision to move on or rebound.

He kneels down, and he looks at for any signs of trauma to any of the internal organs. It is when he is about to move the spleen to expose the liver, and John finally brings her new boyfriend up.
] That's good, and it is good to see you're moving on after your breakup.

[ He reaches for a pair of scissors and he works to detach the spleen from the ribs. ] Please, just try not to let him get the best of you. I'd just hate to see you get hurt so soon after things happened with you and your ex.
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Sorry I lost this thread! Feel free to ignore!

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[ As he lifts the spleen up, John notices there are several lacerations that were done to indicate this wasn't a fall. John hums to himself, as he listens to her talk about her admirer. ]

You're sure they're not going to take advantage of you. [ John asks, as he continues to examine the spleen and he then moves on to the liver to check it as well. ] There are more plenty of creepers out there.
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[ John stops his examination of the liver, and he is now curious as to whom the flowers might have came from along with Molly's admirer. ]

Now you've got me wanting me to know who's the one that fancies you. [ John smiles, sure he worries but it is good to see Molly on the rebound. ]
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"Is that one of the overflow from the bus or are they in the cooler?" Matty's tenor interrupted her, a smile in his tired eyes, pleased to see her. "DI Lestrade asked me to take a look at the driver."

After processing the passengers that had been taken over to the Yard's morgue, he was ready to continue here, if she had room and didn't mind the company.
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I had to find his voice before I tagged you. Holmes shouldn't be the only ones with siblings :D

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Pulling out his tablet, Matty clicked on his link to the NHS [National Health Service] portal to find the scanned medical records on the bus driver in question. "Richard Packham, age 48. No heart trouble. Which doesn't rule it out, but he recently passed a fitness test."

A chime rang with a message, "The driver of the lorry just got out of surgery. Donovan's crossing her legs and dancing, to question him," looking up from the tablet. It was shop talk, but he knew how often she was a fly on the wall to what was going on in her presence, most ignoring her unless they wanted something, a certain detective heading that list.
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"Press wants to blame someone for the crash. Ten people dead, easily that many injured, some in critical condition. Blood samples were pulled at the site on both drivers, should have had that report a while ago," sending off a 'Hello? Did you forget me?' e-mail. His eyebrow rose as the screen was tapped, "I doubt that Sally'll get to question him, I saw the Trade Union representative in the stairwell."

"Do you want a hand? He's a little bigger than a chicken," cheek pinching into a grin, "But I bet we could ballotine him in about an hour."
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Matty sputtered and began to laugh, shaking with good humor. "'Fraid I'm not your detective, Molly, but I love the slip. You know how interesting he would find that?"

Setting the tablet aside and taking off his jacket, sleeves were rolled up. He pulled on a rubber smock that would keep the worst of what they would find off of his slacks and shirt an grabbed a mask and gloves. Talking as he did so.

"He was an organ donor and there is a need for a skeleton in one of the classrooms. Take him down for the death beetles to clean him up a little and tada, problem solved. This is a teaching hospital after all."
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Made me laugh

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Well, quietly snickering at her, Matty certainly didn't want him because Sherlock was too high maintenance. Something he didn't say because audio meant they were all business and as he was only the assistant here - not his slab, not his room - he kept his mouth shut. Had already done his own share today.

The steering wheel did a nice number on the ribcage though, could probably read what was on the steering column if they turned the corpse over.
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Nodding, the containers were already labeled, be prepared was a lesson neither of them had missed. Besides gloving and de-gloving was irritating, only had to do that once or twice and the lesson was driven home. A lesson Anderson needed to have stuffed inside his brain with a mallet. 'Hey, Hooper, get me...and while you're at it...'

He missed working with her, lab partners, studying, checking and double checking each others work, even when they weren't in the same classes.

Scalpel out, glasses with magnifying lenses on, he liked precision work.
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H's and M's are important

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"He didn't get back on Lestrade's team," that was the good news. Absently speaking as thin slices were cut, "Still sloppy and always messing up his reports. As I'm effectively running the morgue, it means I get to challenge his slip and falls in the bath when the victim is clearly wearing a piece of fishing line around their neck."

Matty frowned at the liver. "Mr. Packham isn't an alcoholic, no steatosis [fatty liver], alcoholic hepatitis [inflammation] or cirrhosis [scar tissue], unless he suddenly started drinking 3 days ago or less."

"Met Mycroft Holmes yesterday, he stopped in to talk to the DCI and identify a young girl. That frown of his reminds me of an ostrich."
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Every inch of Matty grinned back at her and he looked just like a younger version of their father. He laughed under the mask, rays extending from the corner of his eyes, lines that would be permanent in a few years, humor etched into his face.

"Actually, I overheard Sherlock call it 'the angry ostrich', but now I know why he's angry, poor man's not regular," chuckling. But he grew serious as they discussed the present client, "No, no stroke. But that reminds me. We're supposed to check for punctures, needle marks at the back of the neck and shoulders."
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Isn't that what the cameras are for? Although, if Mycroft Holmes had truly bugged all of the places people thought he had, then he would be a very nosy man indeed, and his ears would be burning all the time.

"Gladly. Sherlock was quite particular and I wish to avoid the temper tantrum if we missed something." Muscles well exercised by free climbing shifted the larger man to his side to take a good look across the expanse of shoulders, neck, and even lower on his spine. Nothing but red and brown moles, skin tabs, and freckles. Well there went the drugging theory, if that's what it was. Nothing on the backs of legs or thighs either, turning the corpse back over and checking the front of his chest and throat.
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"Once he hears there's no conspiracy, he'll solve it, not tell anyone and just disappear until something worth his time comes along," sighing. "Lestrade will track him down, or get the answer out of John, who of course will ask just to put the matter to rest in his own mind and we'll learn vicariously and have to find the evidence missed." Matty muttered as the slides were finished and set aside for examination, "It's just a game and we're playing between him and the case, rarely seeing the entire picture. Sometimes I just want to step out of the shadows into the spotlight and smack him like the recalcitrant child he acts like."

Yes, he too had forgotten the recording devices.
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"Not professional at all. While being charged with battery is an option, I think most of the force would only be cheering, and I wouldn't take advantage of having the upper hand in visible moral support."

Besides, Sherlock liked Molly and had labeled her mostly harmless. Granted he had done the same with Matty, but the difference was that Matty only pretended to be.
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"No, he wouldn't, good for him or not. But his brother and Lestrade would," assisting with cleanup. "Just at the point where I need to get it out of my system for a while. Probably just getting antsy for my vacation."
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"Of course. Same as every year, just like clockwork. Safe and predictable, that's me," dryly. "Reunion at Cordon Bleu then off to see the countryside."
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"Stranger things have happened," lightly.

But just like every other year, he wouldn't stay long enough in Paris to connect with anyone other than his favorite chefs at the school. Not that he would say where he was really headed or what he was really doing, it was too reckless. Occasionally came back injured, nothing serious, but Matty always blamed it on trying out water skiing, or actual skiing in the Alps or an accident that just landed on him out of the blue. He was careful while engaging in a dangerous pursuit.

Teasing, "One day I'll find a little French girl, persuade her to come back to rainy ol'London and open a restaurant. Pop's dream realized."
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"Nah, I just like to ballotine," chuckling. "Between meat stuffed with other meat and making pastries, maybe I won't need to run around poking dead things." It didn't sound romantic, it sounded like a lot of work, which was why he didn't want to take over the cafe when the subject was first broached ages ago.

Matty pulled off his own gloves, turning them inside out as he did so, stepping on the biohazard bin and dropping them in. "Besides my sister happens to be very good company."
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Matty took her vacant position at the sink, scrubbing up before he pulled out his phone tapping in a message

To DCI Lestrade, SHolmes
From CSE MMHooper

No punctures or jabs. M Hooper to run labs. Will stop in upstairs and drag back Donovan if she hasn't left on her own.

His eyebrow rose as he typed, "I don't see it as being stuck, Molly."
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Smiling at her, the message was sent and then he gathered up the tablet, logging out of the NHS system.

"I'm going to stop in upstairs to see if Sally's causing a ruckus. Will I see you this weekend, or do you have a date?"

No, they weren't co-dependent, they were dependable, at least for each other, sometimes others got counted in the extended reach of family. And even Matty couldn't fault her for keeping Sherlock's secret from him, after all, it wasn't like he didn't have his own.
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"Sounds good." Jacket pulled back on, cuffs straightened, Matty let himself out. Half a minute later, he stuck his head back in, "Hey Molly! Recording equipment's still going." Matty grinned at her nearly laughing as he watched as she realized what had occurred to him seconds agao, what exactly did they say that was inappropriate?

Without waiting for an answer, he trotted down the hall and up the steps.