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 I really need a new place.
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What's wrong with the loft?
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It's Beacon Hills, Derek. Probably doesn't matter where you move.
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Maybe you could stay at my place for now? With Isaac gone there's a spare room. Just until you have sorted yourself out.

[There was more than just a friedly suggestion though. After all that had happened Scott felt that he would feel secure with another werewolf around. maybe even a pack member]
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Yeah, it could feel weird for you. But the offer is there if you decide to take it. It could be good to keep the pack around.
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A bit. It feels like I'm quickly losing everyone I care about. [Sighs.] With the way things are heading.
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I don't blame Isaac. Allison was his girlfriend. Of course he will need time to grieve. Maybe it's for the best that he isn't here in this hellish town.

It feels different though. I'm glad to have my mum and Kira there for comfort. I still need to protect Siles and Lydia. But except for you I don't really got anyone to protect me. With Peter being the way he is it honestly scares and worries me.

I'm struggling just to protect myself.
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I agree. It's home for me, despise all the bad stuff. I can't say it's a boring place... just that it's a bit too interesting and intense.

They're not as strong as you and me though. We all survived this time but what about the next one? But I get your point. Lydia might uncover some badass banshee ability and Stiles could learn how to properly use mountain ash. They might be fine. But I don't know if they will.

[Scott nods slowly.] I know. If you want to get good it'll take time. But who knows how much time there might be before the next diaster.
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[Scott makes a small smile at that.] Only you Derek. You two are like kids in the playground if you catch my drift.

[He becomes sober again.]

I... I appreciate all the help I can get. I'm still new to this Alpha thing. I should be stronger that I am but until then... I need some help.

Yeah I would like that. I've been working out some. I think I got the leader part down. Even though 2/5 of my pack is gone.
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[Clealry Scott will do just that. Derek's hard to read at times so he often pay more interest to his expression and smell.]

Power of heart ey? [Small smile at that.] That trope is often about the weakest power or the strongest.

[Scott rubs the back od his head.] I'm just doing what I think is best. Deaton said I was destined to this. But it's hard y'know? I'm afraid what may happen if I let my insticts through.
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You're right Derek. I got such a strong dedication to protect everyone. I can't give up. But it's hard to not feel affected by everything. But if we can save people it's worth it.

Thanks for the peptalk Derek.
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You're right. Nothing is ever easy.

Thanks. I'll see you around then?
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[Smiles back at Derek.]
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What about Aiden and Ethan's place? I don't think it'd be an obvious choice. And it's empty.
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Yeah, but if you're not safe there, Derek.
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It's your choice. But safer is better if you ask me.

We've lost enough people alread
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You mean the loft that seems to have no locks whatsoever isn't the ideal place for you to live? How strange.
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I was going to suggest trying something with mountain ash, but that would be a little counter productive to you actually living there as well.