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[Digging carefully in the dirt, humming.]
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[Pauses to listen, one foot tapping along with humming, leg making quiet steam-piston noises.]
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[He can't help the steam, but he does stop tapping and looks sheepish for it. He also tips his hat in a gentlemanly way, dipping at the knees in a half-bow.]

Hello. Sorry...
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Oh, no. Can... I help you? Looked like you were looking for something.
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Oh? [One eyebrow rises, and the robot looks down at himself.] Do I count as an artifact?
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Thank you. But I am one-hundred-seventeen years old. [He's in good repair, though.]
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Oh, I wouldn't go that far. I'm just a robot. [He's clearly flattered though.]
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Y-you do? [He's surprised, and not sure if he should be pleased yet, but she's treating him like a person, and that counts for plenty.] I mostly just play music, now. What do you do?
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You can read minds? But... there's robots in the circus? Are they performers too? [He has nothing but enthusiasm for this. Being a musician, he likes to meet other performers.]
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Ohhh... clowns are creepy. But it's been a long time since I performed a fair or carnival...
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I'd... have to ask Mr. Walter. We do a lot more shows than we used to, now, and I'm n-not in charge of all the scheduling. But it might be nice to perform somewhere... different.
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Just... as a member of the audience? [This is clearly a novel concept for him.]

I think I'd like that...
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Robots don't... usually get invited places. Thanks.
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Err... where exactly is 'there'? I live in San Diego, but we travel for shows...
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I'll... have to ask... [He rocks on his feet, slightly awkward.]

Technically I'm property of Walter Robotics. I'm not allowed to just... wander around too far. [He pauses guiltily, because that is exactly what he seems to be doing right now. Whoops.]
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[He leans in closer to look, looming a little, unintentionally. The way the car swivels makes both his eyebrows rise, and he grins, and has to try it out for himself once it's in his hands. He turns one way and another, just to see it swivel around.]

Is it magic? That's... so cool. [Cue big dorky robot grinning.] I won't lose it.
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Much obliged, ma'am. [He tips his hat, grinning still.]

I'll try to come see you, one way or another.