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Magnussen wasn't the first nor last...
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[Molly isn't naive. She knows what Sherlock was doing during his "death," but she's out of the loop on this most recent event. She wasn't even told he was being sent away until he was already back.]

Why did you do it?

[It's not accusatory, just curious.]
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[She isn't sure at first how that's relevant, but he can probably seeing her get there.]

You mean he had something on one of them.

[It's not really a question. She knows the rumours about how Mangussen got his information and how he manipulated people. It makes the most sense that Sherlock would kill Mangussen to keep his friends safe from such a fate. It's why he'd jumped off St. Bart's and why she'd helped him do it. But now she wonders what the media magnate had discovered. She's too polite to pry though.]
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[She nods in return.]

I...it's not my business. I...just...is everyone going to be okay?

[She doesn't know if it's John or Mary. She assumes John just because he'd been in the war and maybe something had happened over there. But whatever or whoever, she considers them her friends.

She also means Sherlock because he may be back, but he's killed a man (in plain sight now). How long will this amnesty last? Once he finds out who's behind "Moriarty," we he be back on a plane?]
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[Her throat goes dry as he looks at her. His intensity has always had that effect. It used to send her stumbling over her words and her feet, but things are different now. Ever since she helped him "die" he hasn't been SHERLOCK HOLMES the handsome genius to her anymore, but Sherlock Holmes the man. And llthough she still thinks he's a handsome genius, she likes the man better.

Right now though, he looks a bit more like a lost boy.

A chill goes up her spine at the admission. She can't deny she's had murderous thoughts of her own about people (Jim from IT being one of them), but to actually do it and in cold blood was another thing entirely. She does think Magnussen got what he deserved in some ways, but to enjoy it was something else entirely.

She takes a breath. This admission doesn't make her frightened of him or make her think he's a monster. It actually makes her worry. It makes her want to hold him and ensure him that he's going to be okay and that he's not a freak. And she doesn't actually think he enjoyed it. Not like one enjoys a film or a birthday party. Triumphant maybe, but not real joy.]

But are you still enjoying it?

[She thinks maybe at the time, he relished being able to take down such a powerful man who'd hurt so many people. But clearly it is bothering him now. Someone who was really a psychopath wouldn't think twice about it, wouldn't be thinking about it now or worry about enjoying it.]
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[ooc:No problem! Does it change anything from canon I should know of or just head canon that Molly wouldn't be aware of?]

[Obviously the word "hunt" doesn't sit right with her. She frowns.]

Hunting and killing are two different things. You can enjoy one without the other.

[She knows Sherlock enjoys a good chase. Everyone knows that. But he's only before seemed to find glee in murders that other people have done and only because it means he gets to try to solve them.]
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Do you hear what you're saying, Sherlock? Is that what you really want, to kill people?

[She looks even more worried. She's heard the whispers (or in Sergeant Donovan's case, loud remarks) about how one day solving crime wasn't going to be enough for the "freak," but she never paid it mind. Until now.]
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So now you're some kind of vigilante?

[She is definitely looking not pleased with where this is going.]

And by the way, those "people" are still people. You have no right to decide what they deserve.
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[She shakes her head.]

You've been through a traumatic event. You're not thinking clearly.
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[She looks pained.]

Sherlock. Don't.

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[She's not asking him not to hurt her (she doesn't think he would). She's asking him not to hurt anyone.]

I...I'm not afraid of you.

I'm afraid for you.

I'm asking you please not to think like this.

[She frowns.]

Are you saying...did you kill Moriarty too?

[He'd said he shot himself. But he would say that, wouldn't he?]
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[She looks at him like she doesn't know him at all and she feels sad.]

I always....always defended you...

[She swallows around a lump in her throat, shaking her head.]

People were so mean....

[She doesn't want to believe it, but maybe they were right.]
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Don't prove them right, Sherlock. You'll be no better than the people you "hunt."

You'll lose everything and everyone you love. John. Mrs. Hudson.
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It was only supposed to be his network!

[She knows there's too much moral gray area here, but he can't just keep killing people.]

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Would you listen to yourself?

[She's not going to. Molly make some morally dubious choices at times (usually involving Sherlock), but this is too much for her.]

You're not God or Batman. You're not even a bloody real detective!
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[She shakes her head, looking down. She's so disappointed.]

If you won't listen to me, then at least think of John.
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How do you think that killing people who have nothing to do with John or the other people in your life will protect us? That was perhaps a worthy excuse for Magnussen and Moriarty's network, but what about the next hunt?

Not everyone is after your friends, Sherlock. You can't claim vengeance on every murderer or accused murderer you come across.