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 *puts his feet on a table* 
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*Seriously? Seriously?! She had just gone up to the counter to put more cream in her coffee, she'd only stepped away for a moment. Her books were still there, her pastry still in the plate right next to his left foot*

Excuse me, may I get my books?
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[That earns him a blink and a moment's silence as she decides whether or not to believe him. And in the end she doesn't. Still, she responds to the smile and his tone of voice.]

It's alright, really. I can move over to the next table. It's not a problem. Just let me get my pastry too, right - yes, there. Thank you.
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Really? Me? *this puts a different bent to things* Well, alright. I'll sit down here, but would you mind putting your feet on the floor while I eat my breakfast?
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That habit could get you into trouble. *she slides into a chair across from him and sets down her coffee cup*

That habit can get you into a lot of trouble in fact. *she smiles* And I bet it has before.
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[She begins to chuckle, she can't help it.]

Point. [she sits across from him, carefully setting down her coffee cup]

My name is Anika. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister...
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[He's flirting with her, isn't he? At least it seems he is. Her eyes look around for a safe subject to discuss.]

[Do you come here often seems like such a forward thing to ask, but she's out of ideas]

So Captain, are you an avid book reader? [she looks around the little coffee shop/second-hand book store] Or do you come here for the pastries?
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Ah, so this must be like heaven for you. I have never been to an all-night book store before this one. [she looks around fondly]

The coffee is really good, but I actually prefer the mocha. The chocolate shavings on top is what does it for me.
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I actually haven't tried that one yet. I started going down the list, but I noticed this and then ended up making it a habit instead of trying any more flavors.

Do you um, do you work around here Captain? [He doesn't quite give off that military vibe to her, so she's thinking that perhaps he's police or fire department?]
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[Strange cases? She wondered if it were anything like the 'strange cases' she'd seen come into the emergency room back in Los Angeles]

Then I shall. Hello Jack. [She smiles, then ducks her head uncertainly. Conversation, why did no one ever have classes on casual conversation?]

So you are here in the city a lot then? I moved here not long ago.
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So then um. What do you read when you aren't on a case? [Books! A subject she knows and can get into] Or are you just here for the coffee and the conversation?
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Her eyes light up. "I love mysteries and biographies. And the classics, I'll read those over and over. Historical novels are wonderful, but." She shrugs. "Historical romances just aren't my thing."

"And I think that the best true stories are the ones that you just know are true, but are just off-center enough so that they seem unreal in some way. Strange coincidences, unusual situations, things like that."
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She opens her mouth to respond, and then closes it. How does one tactfully tell a person that her observation of the strange was not exactly a beautiful thing?

"I'm sure everyone has seen something unusual at one time or another. I'm not sure if beautiful is the word I'd use however. Memorable perhaps is a better word for it. At least for me."

"I wouldn't mind seeing beautiful and strange occasionally however. That might be" Oh dare she say it? "Kind of fun."

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She laughs as well. Two heartbeats! Seriously, that was quite funny. "Well, we can't have fun all the time. How would we pay the rent?"

She takes a sip of her near-forgotten mocha and makes a face. Eesh, it's gone cold. Ah well.

"How long were you planning on being in the city this time er, Jack?" And yes, she nearly said Captain, but restrained herself. She's slowly getting the hang of this whole 'interacting with others' bit.

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