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Thank you for not bleeding there.
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I... don't bleed.

[Squints with first one glowing eye, then the other, and leans closer with a quiet whirr of gears.]
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That's... it's just a little oil... [And now he trickles steam up the back of his neck, too, embarrassed.]
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Oh! N-n-no, it does come up. A l-little degreaser, and... It's cleanable. Promise.

[More steam from around his shirt collar and his jaws as he talks.]
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[A pause. He really shouldn't allow himself to be intimidated by this oversized Qwerty. They're both machines, here, after all.]

I was never programmed to lie.

[He learned anyway, but she doesn't need to know that.]
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[The Spine is a remarkable robot, but not a psychic one. Also he tends to play games more along the lines of Oregon Trail than newer, more elegant FPS ones.]


not always such a bad thing, to overcome one's programming...