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Where th' hell is my bike?
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Know what happens when you park in a red zone for over an hour?
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[Ash taps the metal sign.] Towed it, Jaws.
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Think you'll have to call the number on the sign. [Ashley digs out his phone from his jacket pocket.]
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What would be the name of this SyFy Shark movie? WereShark vs Werewolf is

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[Ashley looks shocked by Mike having a phone. With an amused look he tucks his phone away.] I am in desperate need of a plate of a beef and a beer the size of your head.
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OMG I can feel Nicky's judgement over Sharknado all the way from Florida BUT THAT IS PERFECT!

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You check the label? Might be a subsidiary of Pentex making the sauce. [He's sort of kidding. But, there's always a little truth to a lot of jokes. Ash plops down, orders a beer and a bloody steak.] I'll give you a lift to your bike.
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Mostly I was kiddin' man. [But later he might actually slip in back and check the labels. Just in case.] That's Ani, always taking care of everyone.
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Doing good. Working hard. She's got this obnoxious Girl Scout troop thing she does. [Ash took a big gulp from his glass when it arrived.] Years. At least a couple.
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A fish may love a bird, but where would they live, right? Never have those words rung truer than now.
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She's a good girl.

Got a bit of a problem with some Mages. Virtual Adepts. Guess they've got a hard on for my particular skill.
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Far as I can tell, bunch of Harry Potter bullshit. Fucking witches.
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Scary thing owing you a favor, I think.
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Alright then, I'll remember that and let you know if I need a hand. These fuckers apparently know how to counter my gifts. Might need an ace up my sleeve they don't even know to be prepared for. [Because Ashley can't imagine that they even know about the Rokea, let alone have anything waiting to stop one.]
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... No idea.

Unrelated: I just remembered a have a place to be. See you never.
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[FUCK. no play it cool wade]

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnope. Can't even ride one. Hey, but this guy I know might know. Johnny Blaze? Big bike guy.
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lucky wade

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[Hard to tell behind the mask]

He might be inside. Just go in and break some stuff, he'll see you.
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Yeah but the company sucks dick.

[The second he's released he takes two hops back, brushing himself off]

Yeah I'm outtie.
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[It is very, very possible that - when Mike does finally find his motorcycle - the towing fees, storage fees and the parking ticket fees have already been paid for. ]

[However, the person who paid the fees had requested anonymity.]
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Is it a nice bike?
Someone could have swiped it.

[She looks so guilty, even if she didn't.]
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What would you do? Would you beat 'em up?
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[She gestured with her head to the sign past him.]

Parked it in a no parking, big guy.
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[She's staring at him with a furrowed brow, before she scratched at her nose.]

I can take you t' where they have it, but won't help much unless you've got the money to get it out.