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The wind has teeth. Stay inside.
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...Literally, or metaphorically?
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Well, I dislike the cold, but somebody ought to make sure there's nobody vulnerable caught out in it. [sigh.]
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I have... seen enough- and not seen, if you will, to know better.
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[The man appears to be overweight and middle-aged, slightly eccentric with his old-fashioned suit and rings on nearly every finger, but generally not someone dangerous. He also leans on a cane. He also, to those more sensitive to such things, is a sorcerer of not inconsiderable power.]

Oh, I don't want to, but I do feel an obligation to protect those who can't. Unless there's a way to be sure it will find nothing worth lingering for...
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[Sorcerers and witches tend to have something of an understanding, at least, albeit one based mostly on avoiding each other. The man's dour expression softens, though. He assumes he's talking to someone who sees more than most, and doesn't expect to escape notice as unusual himself.]

You're younger than some things out there tonight, too, with more to lose. I may not be fast anymore, but I've driven off things with teeth before, and I should still be up to the task.
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...There might be. That's a good thought. Can you tell what it might be drawn to?
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[He shifts his weight a few times, leaning on the cane, but patiently gives the boy all the time he needs. Such gifts are not to be rushed.]

That... sounds a little more difficult. Bait may not work, but showing it an open path home might.
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We...? [He smiles gently, and reaches a beringed hand for the boy's shoulder.]

I'll do what I can, but I'm not from here, and I have no way to warn others to keep in tonight.
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Somebody needs to warn them.
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Is there a way to warn them that they need not know comes from you? [There's nothing judgmental in his tone.]
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...A thick fog, perhaps. A fog over the houses, with only one clear channel back up to the mountain. It may not be enough, but it's a start...
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That I can do, easily enough. I can only hope it will be enough to redirect more than just the locals.
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[He sighs and rubs at the space between his eyes with two fingers.] ...Are you do determined to come with me?
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[He grimaces a little, but to say he is not fast is an understatement.] Someone who... knows the area may be useful...
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[He sighs, but his smile is grateful, if a little resigned. He doesn't like to put anyone else in danger.]

...All right. Can you show me to a good vantage point?
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[He follows, and in that it should be immediately obvious what he meant about not being fast. The cane is for balance more than support, but he has a rocking limp. He'll match the boy's pace, but depending how fast that is it may require some effort. At least he's well dressed against the cold, in three-piece suit, a long fur-collared coat, and gloves and hat.]
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[He pushes himself to go a little faster than his usual default, anyway, and tries hard not to trip on the uneven ground. Woods are a familiar setting to him, but he's lived mostly in cities since the old injury, and it's harder to pick his way now.]

Nothing like this has come down from them before?
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Passing through... sounds harmless enough. I suppose people notice these things less than they used to.
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It sounds like this place could use some protection... [He's trying not to puff or pant, but also trying to move quickly. Too much time spent sitting in the library with tea and snacks, and not enough exercise.]
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[The big man (he's tall, as well as broad) climbs the last few steps up the slope and lurches slightly to a halt, breathing a little hard. He takes a moment to catch his breath and breathe in, but his senses aren't the same as the boy's are. Closing his eyes, he focuses, instead, one ring on his right hand glowing very faintly blue. There's something out there...]

Not... smell, no, but...
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[Much as he wants to protect the locals, Horvath can understand- and share a sympathy for the wild thing lost out here. There seem to be fewer of this kind of creature than there used to be, now. There's fewer sorcerers, too.

Once he's got a rough idea where it is, he braces his legs a little wider, and rests the cane against his hip so he can get both hands free. Lifting them, the ring glows brighter, but the air around them grows darker, too, a gentle but dark fog roiling up around them from his hands, and beginning to spread across the terrain to cloak the town. It grows to cut the thing with teeth off from the town, but a very wide channel remains open to the North, towards the mountains. He only hopes the thing will take the easy route, rather than fight its way through the fog to the village, or the quiet pulse of his own power.]