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Let the excessive Festivus drinking begin!
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...That's the first good idea you've ever had.
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...Wait. Are you even old enough to drink? [If there is a bottle, he is definitely going to try to steal it with an actuator.]
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Oh, dearie me, did I forget to bring my glassware along on my run from the authorities? I don't have a glass, you nitwit.
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I'll ask Santa for one.

I like coffee.
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[He wasn't actually expecting to just have it handed to him, and spends a few seconds looking genuinely surprised, then takes a swig.]

Thanks for at least recognizing I'm not crazy.

[Mmmm. Christmas booze.]
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I'm not crazy. Mm. But I do like this, too. [Waves the bottle a little and takes another swallow.]
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That's a measure for desperate times. Or hangovers... [Right now he doesn't mind if he's going to be needing some of that, tomorrow morning. He's not a drunkard, ordinarily, but the holiday calls for it this year.]