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[Idly swirling contents of a beaker.]
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I do hope that isn't volatile...
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There are worse hobbies to have.

[He smirks in return, folding his arms and leaning against a table.] You looked... distracted.
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[Ordinarily he is more at home on his feet, but this winter has been harder on him than usual. If he looks tired, he can only hope it will be attributed to nothing more than poor lighting and old age. He takes a seat on the stool, with a clearly restrained cough.]

When we spoke before, you said your focus was in chemistry. Do you have much experience in designing antidotes or counter-agents?
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Something to counteract three-four methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. MDMA. It's... in more frequent use, in my city, and a hazard for those in my employ.

[What he has been insisting to himself is merely a chest cold has been persistent, but not bad enough to send him seeking a doctor. The Shadow is, at times, careless with his own health. For now the cough is merely an annoyance.]
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I can get you samples easily enough, but you may not want their presence in your lab advertised. I'd appreciate discretion in the project, of course.

[The younger man is lucky if he can't guess at the extent of this substance's popularity in the older Shadow's world. That he feels a need for a countering drug for the sake of his agents may be enough of a hint. There are times when undercover work requires them to come into all too close contact with such drugs.]
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[The old man gives a curt nod, willing to trust even a more obscure alternate with this task. Desperate times lead to desperate measures, and while he does have a handful of chemists to work on drug antidotes in his own world, there's too many different substances on the street for them to tackle them all.]

What would you require in return for taking on this project? [He prefers not to make this sort of deal, but this Lamont Cranston is no agent of his, and thus he feels forced to deal with him on equal terms. It's something he's never been at ease with, and likely never will be.]
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[To be honest, the old tiger wasn't sure what answer to expect. One eyebrow rises, but there may be a hint of relief in his smirk.]

Of course, and it does. Trying to keep up with the evolution of crime is a never-ending game. [His hands spread in a vague gesture, the girasol ring spinning loosely. On the one hand, certain aspects of culture and how they've changed do wear him down, but on the other hand he'd be dangerously bored if there weren't constant challenges in store. He makes sure he always has enough work to keep him occupied, no matter how much strain it puts him under. 'Semi-retired' went out the window years ago, now. It's likely he could find more work for Lamont, in the future.]
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[No world has room for more than one of The Shadow, but Lamont could certainly learn to make more intensive use of that alter ego, and if he hangs around the old man too much, he just may pick up that idea.

At the mention of Margo, he gives a grunt and a few chest-rattling coughs, grimacing slightly on recovery.] Then she's naive.
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[The old man would say the way around that risk is simply to divorce oneself from having any friends, but his way is a harsh path for most to follow. It's also easier if one has no friends in the first place.]

Mm. My... apologies. I don't know what your Margo Lane is like. The one I once knew was naive. [He sighs, with a lingering rattle, but he tries to pay it no mind. His health has been better, but he is hardly at Death's door.]
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You don't... know a woman named Myra, by any chance?

[She has become indispensable, since he found her again through the Nexus, although he'd be reluctant to say so out loud. Whatever his ruminations on either woman may be, they're distracted by the offer of cough lozenges. He frowns mildly, not so much over the offer itself as the fact that lately everyone encounters seems compelled to try to doctor him in some fashion, and that makes him wonder if perhaps he really should get around to seeing a proper doctor about this.] ...Thank you. I picked up a chest cold while out of the country, and it's been had to shake.

[He takes a lozenge, and looks just slightly sheepish.]
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[The Shadow merely gives a mild nod, content to pass on from the subject of his own health. He gets sick so rarely, and now that he has, he'd like to ignore it as much as possible. One can only hope Lamont's immune system is in better shape than the old man's currently is.]

Ah. Well. The Margo you describe sounds a little more like her. And you may yet... see her around. [He's hesitant to allude to the Nexus directly, since they've never established the other man's feeling on it, or even that they're distant alternates of each other.]
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[Perhaps the old man should take a page from Lamont's book; he's been neglectful, the past few years.]

If you like. The Margo she knows already is more or less the same one I did... [Nexus relationships can be so terribly confusing. The Old Tiger is still uncertain how he feels about meeting alternates, himself, but Myra has been the saving grace of those.]
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[There was a time The Shadow had need of his more social roles, of manners and appearances. There was a time he regularly used the name Lamont Cranston. Those days have passed, and his one concession to retirement that remains is he has farmed out whatever requires socializing to his agents. He is not friendly unless he feels like it, now.]

I can bring you samples within the hour, it's a short trip to fetch them. [He stands easily enough, apparently in reasonably good health apart from the cough.] I appreciate that you're able to work on this so promptly... and I'll tell Myra to keep an eye out for you.

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