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[Standing amidst an ocean of gold...]
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Isn't it tempting? All of this gold--all of this treasure--for you and no other?

[Was the dragon there? No, that would be just silly because everyone knew his body was in the ruin of Laketown.

And yet the air was warm around him as he sauntered in a large circle around the King Under the Mountain, eyes narrowed with wicked mirth.]

I knew it would consume you, Oakenshield. And oh, how it pleases me.
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[A low, rumbling chuckle was the initial response to the dwarf's outburst and for a moment Thorin would feel the beast's hot breath against his back as if Smaug's head had lowered down to just a few inches behind him.]

This mountain will never be yours, oh great king. All who gaze upon you as you are now can see that you will fail just as your kin have before you.

[A rush of air followed what seemed like a moment, the dragon lifting his head and stepping over Thorin, casting his shadow over the dwarf.]

You came so far, Oakenshield, and you still failed. Tell me, how does that feel?
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Will you? If you are so certain that it is yours to claim, why have you yet to find it?

[Oh, he could hear that shake and he was going to feed off it; play off it and make it worse for the dwarf.

That strike was pointless and the dragon let out another rumbling laugh. Thorin would feel the warm air against his back again as the dragon lowered it's head once more, looming close to the dwarf king.]

You will never find it because there is nothing to find. Have you not realized it yet, Oakenshield? One in your company has betrayed you.
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How blind are you, Oakenshield, that you did not see what was right before your very eyes? Who else but one of your own could have it? None have entered the mountain outside of your party.

[Oh, how delicious it was to taunt the dwarf in such a way; to worm the ideas into his mind and let them fester.

The dragon's eyes narrowed with a twisted sort of mirth as his jaws split and fangs gleamed as his head came level with Thorin's left side.]

Not even your precious kin could resist temptation, Oakenshield. What a shame.
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Yes, they could. They would rule in your place if they were allowed to keep such a stone as the Arkenstone.

[The words came out in a low hiss, fed to Thorin like a poison that would infect him to the core; infect the very core of his thinking.]

Perhaps it was their plan all along. Follow the once mighty Thorin Oakenshield back to his homeland and steal it away from him once he had run out of use.
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They played their parts well, King under the mountain. They deceived you in ways that none have before. You know what must be done now.

[Another rush of warm air would wash over Thorin and then the beast was moving again, slipping through the sea of gold as if swimming through a vast ocean.]

If this mountain is truly your right, then you must keep it safe through whatever means necessary.

[His tail coiled around the dwarf, wrapping around him slowly as he kept using Thorin's paranoia to drag him down deeper.]

You must make them see who is the rightful king.
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[A satisfied rumble escaped the dragon, twisting into a deep laugh as his tail curled tighter around the dwarf. It was a simple twist of his body that allowed the beast to lower his head, unseen by the dwarf but the words would haunt his mind still.]

You and only you, Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thrain, son of Thror. Make them pay for their deceit.
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Find them, then. Find your traitors, Thorin Oakenshield. And then you will have your precious Arkenstone.

[And oh would it be wonderful when the dwarf did find out who the traitor was.

Absolutely wonderful.]
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What's it doing, my love?
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How is it knowing what's being our business?
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[There's shadows in everything, and even if the room is full of glimmering gold, metal has no light of its own.

They're there too, shifting around in the darkness here and there, sometimes materializing to pick at something pretty and then toss it aside.

To be honest, material things didn't interest them, what good did gold do for a shadow anyway?

But they are slowly making their way towards Thorin. It... might be slightly unpleasant, they aren't fit to be seen by creatures of light.

A shifting, jagged walking void, twitching erratically at its edges like an animated charcoal drawing. In their featureless face, a pair of bright purple points stare out, trying to decide if the smaller, stouter shape they see is a real person or just another thing in the pile of objects here
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[Thorin. This is your conscience speaking. Liiiiisten.]

You saw this before with our grandfather. And yet you would so easily let the treasure addle your mind.
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Couldn't resist!

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Look at yourself. Pathetic. Searching through the treasure like a man possessed. What sort of King is so ruled by his greed?
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Thorin just stares at his plainly sick self. There's an expression of pity on his face, this situation all too familiar. But the last time it was his grandfather's face looking up at him from the treasure trove, not his own.

"That is precisely what the beast said, you fool. That is the worm talking, not Thorin Oakenshield. The Arkenstone may be our legacy, but there are far more valuable things; our kin, our nephews."
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"Oh? If this is for them, then where are they?" he replies sharply. "Why do they cower and keep away from you when they once could not stand to be far from your side?"

He levels his gaze, dark blue eyes narrowing, trying to get through to himself - even when he knows just how stubborn he can be.

"You're making them watch what we watched happen to our Grandfather all those years ago. You're making them watch as you deteriorate into madness!"
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Thanks!! Credit's in the description - looove them!! <3

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"You're coming damn close to him!" Thorin snapped in return. But as his reflection seems to be waning, he can't help but soften a bit himself, though his tone remains no less stern.

He can't back down, after all - not with himself, nor anyone else.

"What happens when Dis returns and joins us here? What happens when she sees you acting this way? What happens when Fili and Kili tell her how you've been acting, how you're not the Uncle they love and remember anymore?" Thorin approaches slowly, tentatively reaching out to the other's shoulder. "It is not too late..."
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He's almost startled when his other self seizes his arm. Thorin glances down, following his gaze, trying to see what the other sees. But no, there's no dragon, no Arkenstone either - the latter is what he assumed his other self had cried out for.

Thorin does not follow his other self when he moves after his quarry. Not at first. He hesitates and shakes his head, pity and anger filling him up all at the same time.

"Do you not see yourself? Do you not see how foolish you look?!" Thorin called after him.
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Thorin rolled his eyes before following slowly after himself. Running around such loose terrain as the piles of treasure that surrounded them with a sword was the surest way to skewer oneself. As the other Thorin began hacking and slashing down at the gold, Thorin slid down beside him and seized the other's arm.

"Look at yourself!" Thorin roared. "Look at what you're doing!"
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Thorin just watched with pity in his eyes as his double clawed through the gold and jewels. He circled around the other, coming to stand at his side a foot or two away. There was silence between them for a moment save for the sound of coins hitting each other and rolling downhill as the other Thorin continued to dig.

"There's nothing. No one. We are alone," he told his double. " are alone."
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"King you may be - but if you continue this way, you will be king of nothing," Thorin pointed out, pushing his hands through his hair in exasperation. He needed to get through to this other version of himself!
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Thorin saw the brief flicker of hope, that glimmer of his true self. Yes! It was working, he just had to bring himself completely through. "All is not lost! You can still come back, Fili and Kili live, and want to see their uncle lead them once more!"

He reached out again to squeeze his other self's shoulder. "Be the leader they need. Be the uncle they love."
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"Acknowledge your mistakes," Thorin replied simply. "Ask their forgiveness, and they will give it freely." Because they were good lads. It was what they did.
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Thorin slipped to his knees to follow his other self. One hand rested upon the other's back.

"They would have such a right. But you know them better. They won't refuse you forgiveness."