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I'd rather not risk...caring...again.
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Yeah fuck that amiright?

'Lot easier just carin' 'bout yerself, everyone else can suck it.
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[It's a 1920's shitty youth robot. Clever isn't what he does]

Bite me.

S'what yer sayin' who cares if it sounds smart or not?
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Aw, gee, Fergive me, Captain Manson. Allow me ta rephrase.

I suppose I should start speaking more loquaciously given the current company in our present time an' place, all things considered, but who honestly finds it pertinent as to how a specific phrase is worded, if the essential meanin' of the phrase itself is communicated in a timely and understandable manner.

OR as I said before- Who gives a shit?

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wade misses you riddler

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how about a hug

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u shut up hare's manly as hell

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That scary, huh?
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Seem a bit tense there.

Hasn't hurt me any, your average human being wouldn't be born with the ability to care if it wasn't somehow useful, don't you think?
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Can you tell me why? Just out of curiosity.

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How come?
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That's big talk from a guy tryin' to goth away his pain.
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I try!

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Don't get your skintights in a bunch just 'cause I fit mine better. Jealousy ain't gonna suit you either.

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wats goin on in here lol

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Aw, poor baby has some fee fees.
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I can tell by your horrified staring you remember me.

I sure remember you!

By the way your big beefy boyfriend in black told me not to eviscerate myself in front of you anymore.

He didn't say anything about mooning you though.
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Goddamn, I forgot how slow on the ball you are.

Look, I'm not going to explicitly apologize for cutting out my own intestines, the apology is implied. Okay?

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Muse is gonna be shaky as hell, just fyi

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What are you risking by caring?
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The less you are willing to carry, the heavier they will weigh.

Mistakes are not easy things to control.
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And what do you expect to gain from doing so?

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