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Next time, we shall have it.
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What exactly is 'it'?

[Asks the blue glowing man. Auto forgets sometimes that his appearance should be hidden when he's out and about.]
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[The question earns a smile but he puts up a hand as if to wait a bit.]

Ah, I've been told it's rude to answer a question with another question. However, I will indulge your curiosity. I am a hologram, a computer representation of a picture. I was programmed to be perfect in every way, especially when it comes to fighting crime.
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[Hm, that's curious, to be asking about Scotland Yard.]

Y-es, in a way. I assist the police force. By the looks of your attire, might I surmise you are from another time period. Perhaps the 1800's?
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I am not an officer. [he corrects] I was created by a police officer.

[In a way, Walter was his Dr. Frankenstein. Only this 'monster' was blonde, blue eyed, extremely tall, and thought he knew everything.]

You may call me Auto. [He addresses a polyhedron of light that buzzes out of nowhere] Cursor, some appropriate attire, please. [Like a magician, he stands still while the magic happens around him, the cursor of light drawing a victorian age suit on him that materializes into being and looks as real as Victor's own clothes.]
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A pleasure to meet you, Victor.

[He offers a handshake, though there may be a bit of electrical charge behind it. Nothing big but noticeable.]

Now, if I may return to my previous question, what is the 'it' you were referring to?
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The answer? What is the question?

[Auto does not follow. But how could he, he wasn't familiar with his own mortality, or lack thereof.]
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I assure you, I am not a constable. If I were, would I not be carrying a badge?

[Flawed logic perhaps, assuming that all policemen were trustworthy souls.]

I take it you are not referring to the burial process or ceremony?
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[He looks thoughtful.]

Interesting. Like a disease? There are uncurable diseases.
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And this is what you are working on? [Automan nods, seemingly to be for the idea. It was something new and interesting he had not heard of before. And when Auto came upon something new, he usually wanted to dissect it and figure it out for himself.] Have you made any progress in your field?
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Mistakes such as?

[Auto was quite the captive audience.]
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[Auto almost seems disappointed, he did want to know more. Learning about the world around him was one of his program directives.]

If that is the case, I would say congratulations are in order. But since I am not familiar with the details, perhaps I should wait till I know more on the subject.
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[His favorite subject: himself.]

I started as a computer game that Walter Nebicher created to pass the time when he was not at work. At first, it was just an avatar, but with enough programming and electrical power, I was able to cross the boundary from the electronic world into reality.

[It's obvious to anyone but him that all of that was gibberish to a man from the 1800s]
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Exactly. I became everything he wanted to become.

[Ironically, Walter had even muttered about 'creating a monster' when he realized how big an ego Auto had.]

And I'll still grow and learn as I continue to interact with the outside world. But I do have to return during the day to conserve energy. It is easier to move about at night.

[Just wait till he goes back tonight and looks up "Frankenstein" in his library of movies.]

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