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A ring cannot replace my Master.
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Oh? Are you thinking of replacing me?

[ He stands in shadows. Is is from the Void he speaks? Is it from Sauron's dreams? Who knows? ]
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[ Melkor remains where he is, but he extends a hand, and allows Sauron to touch him. His fingers are shadowy but take form as they close with warmth around the fingers of his longtime lieutenant and companion. ]

I was jesting, Mairon. I know your loyalty well.
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[ A small answering smile comes over his grim features. ]

What kind of ring? And what kind of future?
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A ring of power? [ It sounds enticing to Melkor, too. Except that he's a Vala and doesn't have to resort to such stratagems. ] Who has told you of this future? -- in which I will be absent?

You look distressed, Mairon. [ Genuinely concerned about him. ]
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Yes, I believe that you could devise such a thing. [ Indeed, they both know. Sauron was one of Aule's people before he defected and came to Melkor, bringing power and knowledge of great value to the one who later became the Dark Enemy of the World. ] What Elf makes this claim? [ Elves! Pesky interfering people! ]

[ Reaches out to touch Sauron's troubled face. ] This is what has you so worried? -- a prophecy?
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Aw, Sauron, you're adorable. XD

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You know that I have faith in you. [ He smiles. He's a tyrant and a user, yes, but he has always been partial to this powerful and strangely vulnerable servant of his. Most of the time, he doesn't think of him as a servant, but as a sort of younger colleague. ]

Sindarin, eh? Legolas. . . that is a very Woodland kind of name. Perhaps he's from Ossiriand? Although I do not remember any great sages or seers springing from the people of that realm. [ He snickers a little. ] Or from Doriath, for that matter. Hmm. [ More considering. ] Or maybe he's just a con man. Do you have any concrete reason to believe him?

[ Melkor's palm accommodates the leaning motion and his fingers spread out to gently caress that sad face. ] Nor would I wish to be parted from you, Mairon.
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[ His palm tingles. He wraps an arm around Sauron and draws him close, so that Sauron can lean his head against Melkor's shoulder if he wishes to. ] A traveler in time, then. Well, it is not unheard of. And besides. . . who knows how the past and the future may mingle in places such as this?

[ And he has a ghostly feeling that he himself, as he knows himself to be now, may be speaking from Sauron's future. He seems to remember. . .being wrenched out of Arda by his his mortal enemies the other Valar, and cast into the Outer Darkness. But how could that be real? -- when the Earth is his by right, when he named that kingdom unto himself, forever? ]

[ With determination, he returns his attention to Mairon. ] Neither have I heard of any being who can take on such a disguise, unless it is one of the other Valar, trying to trick us.

I do not like anyone speaking thus, any more than you do. But if he should prove to be telling the truth? -- what will you do then?
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[ And Melkor is glad to enfold his faithful companion in his arms, as he is happy to share his aura and to accept the offered heat. Mairon burns like a furnace, or simply like a fire in a fireplace grate, and that warmth is indeed comforting. It opposes the memory of the Black Night on the other side of the Walls of the World. It is a strange thing -- the sagas have said that by this time, Melkor was a being who had no love left in him. But if what he feels for Mairon isn't love, then what is it? ]

I agree, Manwë doesn't have the intelligence to pull off such a deception. Varda certainly does, and so does Aulë, and, I should think, Mandos and Vairë. [ His brown furrows. ] But. . .really, that wouldn't be their style. I don't think. [ Not 100% certain of this. A great deceiver must be forever vigilant, lest he someday be deceived. ]

You have been my mainstay, Mairon. It would ease my heart to know that you were still in the Earth, still endeavoring to reclaim it from those incompetent fools who have yet the gall to call themselves the Powers of the World. Eru told us little of the end of Arda, but I deem that what he had in mind was a big battle between our kind and his favorite henchmen. If that Legolas person is actually not a liar, then you and I will meet at that last battle.
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