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Hey, stop it. Don't touch that.
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[The man turns from the assorted computer equipment, putting the hand on the keyboard back at his side. He's a tall man, over six foot tall, but somehow seems to be a calm trustworthy sort of person.]

I was merely saying hello. Your computer system is polite but very precise.
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Yes, it would be impolite not to. Don't you think?

[The man's outfit looks like a product of the computer world itself. Like a geometric starfield.]

I was attempting to locate the whereabouts of my friend Walter.
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Walter Nebicher, he is a computer expert. I believe he has been consulted in eradicating a computer virus. [And Automan felt he really shouldn't be left out of something that exciting. No matter how much Walter said he worried about him getting corrupted.]

You must be Agent Leopold Fitz. The computer speaks highly of you. [Auto tends to treat computers like people. After all, to him, they were. He extends a hand for a handshake, though it will feel like more energy than substance.] My name is Automan.