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[talking into pen] Open Channel D...
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You're talking to your pen.
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[She raises an eyebrow]

To each their own, I suppose. You might want something a little more discrete next time, it makes you look like an insane person.

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I don't mean to interrupt your thoughts, but I tend to meddle.

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[purring] Oh I want.

[the pen or the man, take your pick.
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Anthea, JIC. I know who you are, Mister Solo.
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[finger flick, indicating unimportance.]
Tell our uncle hello.

I'll wait.
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[That nearly makes her laugh. Nose scrunching, Mediterranean blue eyes dancing.
Her device hums against her ribs and is pulled out and answered.]

Yes, sir. Certainly, sir.
That would be most acceptable.

[The device continues to hum in a series of codes, ones that are muted as she tucks it back inside her suit jacket.]

You are a busy man.

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"Channel D open," Illya said. Solo was probably expecting one of the UNCLE secretaries to answer his call. No luck. He got a particular, grumpy Russian agent instead. "Since I am out injured, Waverly has me in communications."

[ooc: for the LOLs have a different Illya.]
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"That was not intentional," Illya growled. "Da," came the curt answer. Solo knew it would itch. One more week and he would be out of this stupid cast and back in the field. In the meantime, the secretary had let him borrow one of her knitting needles to scratch beneath the plaster with. Of course, she also insisted on teaching him to knit. "So, you just call to chat up secretary, or do you want something, Cowboy?"

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"Oh yes, she is very entertaining while trying to teach me knitting," It was not easy, his hands being so big, he kept dropping stitches and having to start over. But he would finish this scarf if it killed him. "Give me minute," he put down the scarf he was attempting. "The car is registered to a Frederico de Medina a businessman from Seville Spain. His businesses run from legitimate to very shady. He has ties to former Nazis who have taken refuge in Argentina."
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He could hear the laughter in Solo's voice, Illya sighed. Solo was enjoying his plight far too much. "Da, he is married to Caterina de Medici. But if the woman you are looking at is under fifty, she is more likely his mistress, Beata Kovac, a Yugoslav national." He looked at her picture in the file. Just Solo's type, beautiful, blonde and ruthless. "And a known THRUSH operative."

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I'm unfashionably late to this party

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Is that Channel or Chanel? I get confused.
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*It's been the most compromised. He sighs dramatically.*

Hey, man. I was just looking for the radio station. This is obviously no ZRock.