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If only I had a stomach.
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You kidding? I have a hard enough time trying to keep Curie and Danse stocked up with Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. Not to mention Piper. Last thing I need is another sugar junkie to feed, Valentine.
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Hey Nick... You've been there to help me through some pretty dark and hard times. You know I'm always here to return the favor... right?
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[ Nora misses the small home comforts of Sanctuary. The Fog is miserable. Longfellow is miserable. And what she wouldn't give for an Ice Cold Nuka Cola by the campfire surrounded by her friends.

If they hadn't taken this case... If they had never come to Far Harbor...

Poor Nick. ]

It's a lot to take in. But at the end of the day, ball's in your court Nick. It's up to you what you do from here on out. If you want him in your life he's there. If not, we head on home and forget the whole thing...
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[ Speaking of radioactive storms... Nora's sucked up a lot of rads over the day. Enough that she reaches into her pack to set up a RadAway drip.

How she misses the Pre-War days with a solid roof over her head and a warm, cosy bed with plenty of soft pillows. Right now she'd settle for dry and warm though. ]

Listen, Nick... If you need to take a step back on this one... I can work this case solo if you want to head home. I won't let the Agency down. I learnt from the best, remember?
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[ Nora has to respect Nick for standing by his case despite the personal levels of fucked up that come along with it. It's one of the reasons she adores the old synth. ]

Alright Mr. I-Can-Stand-In-A-Rad-Storm-And-Not-Get-Sick, no need to rub it in.

[ She huffs at him, tossing an empty can of purified water at him, although it's all in good-natured teasing. ]
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[ Hey! A smile. She knew he had it in him!

The detective's ability to care is just one of the many other reasons Nora adores him. Seriously, if the Institute had made more synths like Nick the world would be a much better place and there probably wouldn't be a giant radioactive crater where the Institute once stood. ]

It'd take more than that to keep me down. Besides, I got my favourite synth detective looking after me. You'd hold my hair back while I puke, right? That's what friends are for.
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[ Nora is all for helping Nick keep his mind off the whole DiMA mess. When he's ready to talk she'll be there to listen, but until then she'll do all she can to keep his spirits up. ]

Much too handsome to be a Mr. Handy - don't tell Codsworth I said that. He is absolutely my favourite Mr. Handy - and one who has held my hair back on many an occasion as I worshiped the porcelain altar be it alcohol related, pregnancy related or illness related.

[ She smiles at him. ]

You know as well as I do Piper would moan about this rain and fog constantly.
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[ Let's face it... Nick is handsome - in his own way. Sure, he's not exactly traditionally pretty or Pre-War male model pretty. But there's something about the whole noir detective persona that makes it easy to look past the peeling skin and skeletal hand. ]

Yeah. Handsome.

[ Feeling a little flustered there, Detective Valentine? Nora shifts to make herself more comfortable by the fire while trying not to disturb the needle of the RadAway stabbed into her vein.

She eyes the bag to see how much is left. Damn radiation. ]

Piper would be all over this case, that's for sure. Not so certain that's a good thing though. Some things are best kept out of the public eye.
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It's an unfortunate fact but sometimes the only way to maintain peace is to push some dark secrets under the rug.

[ Politics, man. Like war, politics never changes. It sucks, but what can they do? Sometimes the bigger picture has to outweigh one person's moral compass. ]

You doing okay, Valentine? No water seeping through that old sealant?
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You and me, both.

[ Nora laughs. ] Alright, Valentine. I'll handle all the water wading. Wouldn't want you to get rust in those old man joints.
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We could always scav a life preserver for you.

[ Even as she says it, she can't help but laugh more at the mental image of it. Sorry Nick. ]
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[ That just makes her laugh even more, almost doubling over with it. He always seems to know exactly how to brighten even the darkest days. ]

Oh man... now there's a scoop Piper would love!
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[ Nora stops laughing just long enough to remove the ring, but soft bursts of giggles keep erupting from her. ]

Come see the famous floating detective who found the legendary ghoul whale! He'll find your missing cat/dog/spouse.

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