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I can use a cold beer.
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[ Ask and you shall receive, Danse. Nora sets two bottles of ice cold beer down in front of him. ]

Courtesy of Buddy.
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Don't mention it. [ Nora takes a seat opposite Danse and pops open the second bottle, taking a well needed swig. ]

Pretty sure it'll take more than beer to wash away the taste of mirelurk cakes. Those things are foul. Funny thing is, back before the war I used to love crab and lobster and all kinds of crustaceans that mirelurks likely mutated from.
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[ Nora lets out a soft laugh. ] First time I made mirelurk cakes, I was convinced I'd done something wrong. Food should not look like that.

[ However, she can't help but gag a little as Danse tucks into said goo. ]

I finally got that second water purifier up and running. Sanctuary will soon have a pretty decent supply of clean water.

[ She looks him over, thumb tracing the rim of her bottle. ] How about you, Danse?
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[ Watching Danse work his way through the vile yuck that is mirelurk cake is actually making Nora feel a little queasy. No man should be forced to endure such torture. If she has her way mirelurk cakes will be removed from Sanctuary's menu for good.

She reaches into her bag and retrieves a slightly dented, beat up box of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and slides them over to Danse. ]

Here. Don't tell the others. I only managed to get the one box.

[ She takes hold of her bottle of beer again, taking another sip of the cold liquid. ]

I know patrolling Sanctuary isn't the most exciting job in the world, but we really do appreciate it, Danse. Thank you.
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[ Sorry Danse. Worrying about you is kind of Nora's job. She's very good at it too. She worries about all her friends - some more than others. ]

As long as you don't crush Strong's skull. The rest of the super mutants out there... go wild.

[ Well except that Erickson guy out in Far Harbor who trains dogs. He seems nice too. Nora really should get him and Strong together some time. What could possibly go wrong?

She cradles her bottle in her hands, looking Danse over for a long moment as if trying to pick her words carefully. ]

We haven't had a chance to sit and talk for awhile. Are you doing okay?
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I saw nothing ;)

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[ Nora's shoulders sag. Sometimes she really struggles to find the words to hold a conversation with Danse. He isn't exactly the warmest of personalities. Yet she still cares so deeply for him.

She lets out a soft sigh, gazing out over the edge of Sanctuary. ]

Same. Seems Preston can always find something to keep me busy with even if I can't.
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100% :P

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[ For being the supposed General of the Minutemen, Nora seems to do an awful lot of the donkey work. She doesn't mind it most of the time, it keeps her busy, gives her a chance to help people. But there are also times when she wonders if she could murder Preston and hide the body without anyone noticing. ]

I'd always welcome the company. Always feel safer knowing you have my back, Danse.

[ Of course, it brings about the added difficulty of trying to avoid Brotherhood patrols, but it isn't something that can't be worked around. She misses travelling with him. ]
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[ Nora is tempted to point out that before they met Danse and his team were being overrun by feral ghouls. She stays quiet though. She doesn't think his limited sense of humour would appreciate it.

As for Arthur - if it helps, every time Nora is on the Prydwen - limited as that is nowadays - she constantly wants to punch the Elder in the face while wearing power armor equipped with a power fist. It takes a lot of willpower to stand by and play the good little soldier. It probably explains why she mostly sticks to BOS research patrols and supply runs these days. The occasional infestation clear out - providing the infestation is feral ghouls or super mutants. ]

Well then solider, better make sure your tin can is greased and primed ready for morning...