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I woke up covered in glitter.
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"Ah, feck." She groans out in a muffled voice. "STOP yelling." Izzy moans out somewhere from...hold on... wait a minute. Cracking one eye open just a touch, her bleary eye spots..erm, the floor. Yep, face down, with a pile of bras, corsets, skirts and knickers that she must have covered herself with to keep warm, she pokes a hand out and flips onto her side. "It's not glitter. It's fairy dust." She mumbles more than half sleep. "STOP! YELLING!" Groan. "Um, am I wearing clothes?"

(I'm so sorry to fly-tackle another one of your threads but I read the headline and was like, "must.reply'.)
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"Ah. I thought that I felt a draft." What was in her mouth? She wiped her lips and that just made it worse, like sandpaper. Sparkly sandpaper. Glitter. She tried lightly spitting it out. "Are we still in Narnia?" Oh yeah, the evening, early morning and morning had been that good. "I think that the wardrobe fell on top of me." Ezera still couldn't open her eyes at the same time. Actually, she wasn't entirely sure that she was awake at all. After a few moments of silence, Ezera asked, "Wait. Who said that?"
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"The voice. Who does the voice belong to?" Izzy asked insistently, referring to Oni's, since the she-wolfs voice sounded like something out of a Peanuts/Charlie Brown classroom where the teacher's voice was entirely garbled and somehow very far away and near at the same time. Even Ezera groaned when Oni laughed as if it hurt her as well and set fireworks off in her head.

Finally, after considerable effort, she managed to get both eyes open into slits at the same time. Progress! "Jesus Christ is here? That really was one hell of a party then. Be nice, offer the man a drink." She slurred. "If there's anything left in the bar."

As her bleary eyes focused and she could peek through the clothing, she realized that's where they still were. The club. Thankfully, her club. Tiny shards of the evening dug through her mind. She laughed huskily, her voice raw with smoke and booze. "You danced on-stage."
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"That voice!" She cried out nervously, getting paranoid now too because it was contagious. "It's...it's...asking me..oh, it's really mean...oh, wait. Shush, shuuuush a moment....Ok, YEP! Everything's a-ok! That was just you." Ezera confirmed with a pleased tone before she poked her arm out of the clothing pile like a zombie does when it's rising from the grave.

Izzy snorted and nearly inhaled a pair of hosiery. "'Cause heaven didn't want us and hell thought that'd we cause too much trouble." She was about to laugh and then thought better of it. "And, darling, they were right."

She heard the undignified thump to the ground and patted around the floor. "Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor." She sang in a deep raspy voice because it's the only one she had right now. She laughed. "Ow. Dude, where are you?"

Using the floor, she pulled her naked self half outta the pile. "The clothings are attacking me. All the clothings." Knickers. She needed knickers but all she could find were ruffled bloomers. She shrugged to no one in particular as she clumsily tugged them on while slithering around on the floor because she couldn't get up. "Stop being so difficult." She growled at them. "Stubborn." She also admonished them.

The effort made her sleepy. She yawned and put her head against Oni's hip. "Pretty sure several someones got it on their phone. It's not every night that someone interrupts a performance to join the Can-Can line. And, I think..." she said in a sleepy murmur, "I think you might have started singing the Canadian anthem at one point. Not sure about that though." She finished with a yawn.

Ezera shifted uncomfortably. "I think I have glitter up my ass crack."

(I know, right! How does *that* happen??
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Ezera exploded in a fit of laugher when Oni laughed, her stomach contracting in a way that served as a warning and a dare. “I think people…hahaha…ow, fuck… actually rose from their tables and put their hands over their hearts! They weren't even Canadian!” The last few words came out in a hoarse mangled sorta way as she fought to talk through a hysterical bout of laughter, tears streaming down her eyes and struggling for breath. She pressed her hands against her forehead as if she thought that she could stop her head from exploding that way.

“They were! My human rights were being violated. And that’s what the glitter cannon is for.” She batted her fake lashes innocently, not that Oni could see. “How else do you fight a revolution?” Oh, gods. Her head was throbbing so bad. It hadn’t occurred to her that maybe last night was a little too much. Would she take it back? Hell to the no. That was the best. party. ever.

“Ugh, just please tell me that I at least kept my pasties and underthings on until after the club closed.” It was the after-party with the troupe that had done all of them reeeeeaaaaally in. That and the bottles of French Absinthe that one of the dancers had craftily brought back from a trip to Paris. And the Champagne. And the impromptu competition to make the best gin-based prohibition era cocktails. And then out came the hashish. Totally medicinal, of course.

“The last few things that I remember saying were that I wanted to be an Oscar statue and then I started rolling around in gold glitter. Then…then I followed the Winter Fairy into Narnia. And…” Ezera furrowed her brow in concentration, “then I remember that the Winter Fairy was really scared to come outta the wardrobe, but I think that was just me having a conversation with the security guard about being gay. Oh, God.” She whispered in horror before she burst out laughing again. “I told him that I’d come back later for more cocktails!” She roared out, slapping the floor.
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