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Is there something wrong with us?
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[Molly knows it's a serious question by the look on Sherlock's face, but her first instinct is to laugh. And laugh and laugh. But she's Molly and she cares about how her actions affect others and she thinks that her laughing will come off cruel even though she wouldn't mean it that way. She'd really be laughing at herself.

So, she swallows down her initial reaction and shrugs instead.]

Yeah, probably.

[Where would she even start?]
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[Molly gives him a brief smile back but it doesn't reach her eyes.]

Pretty sure.

[He's, well...Sherlock, and she's still, beyond her best judgement, stupidly in love with the man. Yes, there is probably something wrong with her.]
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[Molly can see that pain even as he tries to hide it. His comment pulls a slightly larger smile to her lips even though there is still her own sadness behind it.]

Yeah, I suppose. It's also overrated.

[Some of the "normal" men she's dated have been boring or couldn't handle what she did for a living and her oddly morbid sense of humour.]
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Do you think there's something wrong with us?

[He was the one who asked the question after all. And now that she thinks about it, the 'us' maybe didn't even included her. Maybe he was asking about him and his brother or him and John. Or maybe all of them. It is an odd bunch she keeps company with, not that she minds it.]
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[Molly huffs out a slight laugh, knowing that he's politely avoiding being Sherlock Holmes for a moment. She does appreciate it. He has really changed a rather lot over the years.]

Thanks for the diplomatic version of that answer I suppose.

I don't think there's anything wrong with you and Mycroft either. Not really. I think you've both done what you've needed to do with the lot you were drawn. At the end of it, you're both good men.

[Misguided at times, but who wasn't?

Her thoughts about Eurus however, knowing a bit of what happened at Sherrinford and in the past, are different. She feels for the woman who didn't ask to be born a sociopath, but clearly there is something very wrong with her.]