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Another one bites the dust. Next?
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I'll take you on.

[Says the man in black. He'd heard the previous fight go down and wanted to see how his abilities stacked up against hers.]
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[He twirls one of his nightsticks easily in one hand.]

Will that be a problem?
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[He could hear her heartbeat, steady and even despite the circumstances. Quickly bringing up his nightsticks, he blocks both at the same time with a sharp clack as they connect. His boot coming up to push her back and away.]

Only if you don't.
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They didn't call him The Man without Fear for nothing.

He jumped over the sweep of her legs, moving to strike with a backhand stroke with his nightstick.

"They said nobody trains with you too often." They were missing out, from his perspective.
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"That's because she'd kick our asses." Matt probably heard his heartbeat before he even stepped into the visible area.

Snart kept off to the side, arms crossed, and leaned against the nearest solid surface. "Don't mind me, I'm just here to watch." His usually disinterested expression seemed a bit lax. To those that knew him, it would suggest he was amused.
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"That I don't doubt." From the short time, he had gathered she was a very accomplished fighter.

A smile broke out under the mask as he dropped his defensive stance. He reached up and pulled off the hood, revealing his sightless eyes. "It's not a trick. I trained with a blind instructor named Stick. He taught me everything I know."

He twirled one of his nightsticks between his fingers as if waiting for her to continue.
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Snart narrowed his eyes just a fraction at her when she sounded astonished. "Good to see you too, Sara."

Matt's response gave Len an out, shrugging he gestured to the vigilante. "You heard him. He's just that good." Cold drawled, a little amused, but also pointedly. They'd talk later, he was sure of it. "Don't let me get in the way of your fun. Besides, I promised him you were the best I knew. Don't make a liar out of me. I do that enough on my own."
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He knew better than to try and stop that attack. So instead he avoided it altogether. Dropping to the floor to slide under and spring up in a handstand to flip onto his feet again.

Matt swings his nightsticks at her back, knowing the opening was likely not as uncovered as it seemed.
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Leonard shrugged at her with a lopsided quirk at the corner of his lips. "I'm a crook, but I try to keep my word when at all possible."

It wasn't a lie, but he has been known to break it in very rare circumstances, either the teach impressionable young heroes life-saving lessons on trusting the wrong people or when the situation called for it.

He decided to keep quiet from here on so the two could focus. This fight should be pretty intense.

[OOC: Feel free to continue without waiting on me! I'll just stalk and have Snart throw in sparse commentary for now.]
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They hadn't yet warned Matt against it, he had been enjoying having a sparring partner who could keep up for once. But even being blind, he could suddenly sense something had shifted. Maybe something subtle in her heartbeat or the way she speeded up her attacks but he suddenly felt like he wasn't fighting just one person anymore.

Their sticks clicked faster and faster as he dodged and countered her attacks, stepping backwards as he did. Sweat starting to bead and drip down his face. " time...for a break?"

Daredevil suggesting a break was unheard of but he felt like something was very wrong here.
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Leonard had been very invested in this fight until he saw the shift in Sara's demeanour. He wasn't a martial artist and he had no delusions of having a chance against Sara, but this wasn't good and therefore something had to be done. Especially when he heard Matt try to verbally call a pause to their sparring. Something was wrong.

Snart quickly pushed off the wall, moving more on instinct. He always protected his own. Always. "Sara!" Leo called harshly as he moved to intercept them, his own safety be damned. It would be his fault it Matt got hurt. He came at her from the side, slipping an arm between the pair and trying to wrap it around her shoulders from the front like a restraint to pull her away from Matt. The other hand latched onto the shoulder opposite him from behind for added support, hissing her name yet again, somewhat forcefully, trying to get through to her.

"Keep it together! This isn't you!"
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This woman was gonna kill him. That was the distinct impression he was getting as he automatically went from sparring to survival mode.

Smart was a fool, jumping in like that. Matt couldn't even warn him before he was flipped and on the floor. But it did give him a second of distraction. He still had a trick up his sleeve. A line came out of one of his sticks, encircling her in an instant. He made a leap over her, tossing the end through a beam on the ceiling and pulling through as he landed on the floor next to Snart.

Sara being jerked up off her feet and hanging upside down if he timed it right. If not, he was in a vulnerable position right now.
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Leonard had been called many things, but a fool usually wasn't one of them. Except when he did something that put others lives over his own. It wasn't something he'd been known own to do often, but it was something he found himself repeatedly doing for this team.

He was on the ground far too quickly, immediately winded when his back hit the floor. There was that split second moment where he expected her to just smirk and pin him like he'd been an idiot to take her on and tell him to call uncle. Except this wasn't Sara right now. He'd heard Kendra mention it once, but he hadn't actually believed it. She always kept her cool when he saw her fight.

Ad soon as Matt was moving, Snart rolled himself quickly out of the way and up onto his hands and knees. He watched Matt, but still had delusions of reaching Sara under all that rage.

"Sara, whatever this is, fight it, not us. I know you can do that." He'd reached her humanity before, but this time was different, and he was banking on Daredevil getting her at least physically restrained.
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It is a miracle he didn't drop the baton. When she screamed, Matt was struck down by the noise, his super senses going haywire. He tried to cover his ears and ride the painful trip out, gritting his teeth and hoping Snart was okay. When it stopped, he sighed with relief, waiting for the world to stop spinning around him. The baton still gripped tightly in one hand that had the line on it.

"My ears, but other than that..." He stood carefully, coming closer to Sara to slowly let her down onto her feet, keeping her head up with one hand as he pressed the retract button on his nightstick.

"...I think we might have to call this one a draw." She pretty much took him out the same time he immobilized her.