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I've a mess to clean up.
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Don't we all.
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I'm slightly more worried about the fact that one of my brothers seems to be resurrecting a century-old family feud for fun and profit. But, yes, that thing on the telly was awful.

OOC: Oh, August, you have no idea...
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"It's a bit too late for that, I'm afraid. Lucien is somewhat...evil, not to mention obsessed, and some of the Holmeses aren't much better."

He pauses, wondering why he's sharing this with a total stranger.

"What was your mess?"
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You've got a mess??

[Harry gets himself up off the floor, starting to pick up the papers he had been carrying for UNIT.]

Shouldn't go barreling around corners like that, somebody's libel to get hurt.
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[While a bit ruffled, Harry was a good natured sort and couldn't blame the man entirely for running into him. After all, this stack of papers had held his attention and Harry didn't notice till it was too late.]

Well, that's quite alright then. [He piles up the papers in his arms again, catching a stray one here and there.] Ever since that Doctor fellow got here, it's been one exciting thing to the next. Surprised everyone's not running around and bumping into each other more often.

[Puzzled] You don't look like the militr'y type?
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[Sounds like a reasonable explanation.]

Oh, well then, pleasure meeting you. Harry Sullivan, at your service.

[He shifts the paper stack to his side to offer a handshake.]
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[The papers are mostly reports of physicals that Harry has been trying to find a space to file. Oh, the dismal hum-drum life of a normal person.]

Not quite. Seems he up and changed his face again. The Brigadier saw it happen, right in front of him.

[Little does Harry know that same "teeth and curls" Doctor will be tying him up with a jump rope and stuffing him in a cupboard in the very near future.]

I say...I thought those Dalek things were classified?
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Oh...well I suppose that's alright then. Can I help you get to where you're going?

[Don't let the arm load of papers fool you, Harry was always ready to help someone in need.]
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Certainly, follow me then.

[Harry takes the lead, heading for the chapel. Or at least he hopes he's going the right direction, he's only been there a few times since coming to UNIT.]
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Thank you, sir, but I'm afraid I have to get back to the grindstone. Patients to see, you see. [But he's done his good deed for the day, surely. Helping this man find his way.]

Take care, Father.
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You're telling me...