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Woo hoo! Best fireworks finale, ever!
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Yes, it really was lovely, wasn't it?
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[He raises an eyebrow at that, impressed, and he studies her closely.]

You did this, lass? All on your own? I stand impressed. Do you mix your own as well?
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I'm sure you must. You did an outstanding job with the show. Have you been interested in pyrotechnics for long?
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[He looks impressed at that, smiling.]

If that display was you dabbling, I'd love to see what you could accomplish if you were to truly apply yourself...
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A world famous rock star? [He chuckles at that, smiling warmly down at the young lass.] Well, that will definitely take a good deal of application. Even when music comes easily to a soul, greatness takes more than mere talent.
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[He laughs at that, shaking his head.] Speak for yourself. This old man has all kinds of interesting hobbies...
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[There are, of course, several that she appears too young to hear about that he won't get into. Then there are the ones that make him a wanted terrorist. Probably also not fit for young ears. He settles for one that it probably wouldn't upset her parents to find out he mentioned.]

Well, just last month, I went rappelling down an 800 metre cliff in search of a rare species of snake...
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[James chuckles at her reaction, settling down comfortably since this is likely to be a long interrogation.]

Well, it has a mildly paralytic venom, but it's actually a constrictor. The venom is just a sort of fail-safe in case it can't get its body around its prey quickly enough. Darling little things, freshly hatched kukulkans..."
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[She won't find photographs online, since the species is extremely rare. In fact, the brightly coloured, feathered serpents are more likely to come up under the heading of Mayan mythology. He frowns a bit at her last statement.]

You shouldn't do anything to upset your host parents, lass...
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[He chuckles. She's an endearing child and he likes her already. Pulling up his phone, he produces a series of photos of blue and green, jewel-tone snakes. With feathers...]
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Oh, bless your heart, lass.

[He gently musses her hair, beaming.]

I don't work for the government. Quite the opposite, actually. There are no hard and fast rules for who we can and can't reveal details of our work to. If we deem someone trustworthy, and safe, that's usually good enough...
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I hate to point it out but in a modern, jaded society, without proof, how likely do you think your friends are to believe you, lass?
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[He considers this and smiles. She makes a valid point about children being more open-minded than adults.]

But you're trustworthy, all the same. I don't believe you'll mention these beautiful creatures because you wouldn't want to see them threatened by the public...
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Lass, do you know what humans did when they discovered that whales were real and not just legendary sea monsters? Why do you think the poor things need to be protected now? I'm not saying that all humans are greedy or uncaring, but the ones that are won't hesitate to hunt a rare species into extinction, especially if they decide it has some rare or mystical properties, as a feathered serpent that inspired tales of gods must do...
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Well, in this case, it's easy enough. My friend Helen owns most of the land these gorgeous little beasties reside on. In other cases, other approaches are called for. There's a great deal of subterfuge involved in my line of work...
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Well, depending on the part of the world, spreading tales about chemical spills, or landmines, or ghosts, or drug cartels goes a long way towards keeping people off a specific patch of land.

In other cases, we can get organizations like Greenpeace to take an interest, which discourages many and at least keeps an area on the radar for conservators, so to speak.
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Oh, we have Henry. The lad's a technological genius, in a way no human ever could be.

Offering yourself to be his apprentice, are you?
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James Watson, Miss Miko, at your service.

[He shakes her hand, then steps back and gives a bow.]

A pleasure, I'm sure.