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Bizarre requests just before closing time...
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"What would you recommend? I don't actually know what most of those words mean," he explains sheepishly, pointing to the menu boards.

His grip on English has grown pretty good, but it's still gibberish to him, and he's pretty sure not all the words up there actually are English, which doesn't help.

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He doesn't understand what an Irish coffee is, or what caffeine is, and, again, one of those words is definitely not English. His twelve languages are just not enough here. But he does pick up on one word, and smiles brightly.
"You can never go wrong with chocolate."

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"Thank you, I never say no to free food." Komaru laughs and smiles at him, taking the drink and the food and staring down into his cup with a surprised smile. "You're an artist!"

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"What's a 'teletubbie'?"

(ooc: haven't decided what to get for dinner yet, lol. munching on pistachios now because why not? :D the beer sounds delicious. I wonder if they make a chocolate hard cider since I can't drink beer. or caramel? i'll bet a caramel hard cider would be divine :D
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Komaru stares at the sketch for a moment before declaring, "I think, if such a creature approached a child I was responsible for, I would stab it between the shoulder blades..."

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"Fire, then? That tends to work well on unnatural creatures..."
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"Are they friendly creatures, then? I suppose 'death by fire' is a little extreme when its only crime is looking different. I hereby rescind my suggestions for destroying them."
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"Oh, I'm from all over. Mostly, though, I suspect it just comes from living rough most of the time. I don't exactly have a normal home with normal things..."

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