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Use magic? Please, I am magic.
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Like a whorecrux? [Oh yes, you read that right even though it's just so-so wrong.]
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All the ice cream you can eat in a sitting.
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It might be worth it. But, wait, I'm curious. If you're magic than what happens if someone licks you?
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[She thinks hard about this for a moment--at at least it appears so--and then...]

Absolutely. [You had doubts?]

I'm just wondering if they start to hallucinate or something...
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That all sounds ma-gic-ally dee-licious. [She quite literally sings the last two words like in the old Lucky Charms commercial.]

Does one get frequent flyer miles on this plane? What? It's a valid question.
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Sorry, did you say friendly?

You just reminded me. I need a date. To an awards thing. No biggie but the guy who I thought I was gonna take is getting married that weekend. Woops, right? Gotta get updates on these players before I call, really.
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I just kinda imagine you ripping their heads off after, that's all.

Ha! Let them talk! I adore you above all! [Annnnnnd she's suddenly deadpanned and calm again.] Besides, I can be all like 'I don't care if my venue...troupe...event...performance... wins' and you can throw people the mean looks that I'll want to give them. No? Really? You'd miss that opportunity?

What do you mean? I just close my eyes and point to a number in my phone. It's as good as anything else.

If you don't go with me I'm just gonna fly solo. You know, save those frequent flier miles. [Snort]
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I wouldn't be the first person to argue against sound logic but...I'm gonna go with you on that one.

I wasn't looking to get married On, I was looking for someone to be arm candy. Just a pretty face for the photog---people, the people there to see as I sail glamorously and effortlessly down the red carpet. [ Being nominated (in three categories, bitches) was such a big deal even though she's playing it off as if it was nothing. She's already proud of her club, her troupe and her accomplishments and DOESN'T need it be recognized, dammit. She laughs in the face of their glittering award (which coincidentally would look great in the foyer of the club, but whose thinking of that? Not her!]

You will?! Oh, thank you, thank you! [She jumps up and down...stop it, keep it cool.]

Uh, yeah. Something like that. 50 ish.
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[Ezera freezes and stops jumping up and down. She lifts an eyebrow.] When you say outfit...you mean...
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Oh, good. [She says breezily.] A gown would actually be more appropriate, true. [See what she did there. Ahem. *Whistles innocently*]
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Well, you know, you can put your own spin on it, darling. Far be it for me to douse those creative juices. As long as it's not...jeans.

I do! I do!

Oh, hey! Maybe we can color coordinate! [Now she's just pulling her leg, because, you know...it's funny.]
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Don't be so dramatic. [She blinks because that role reversal was just too weird.]

You'll drink free booze, have dinner, watch me fidget during the ceremony. Oh, and me and my peeps are performing too...so, yeah...

use some of that magic you're made of to help us win! Not that winning matters that much.
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It's a great idea! Nothing to clean up afterwards, well, except our pride, because it won't be at my club. Holla!

[All Oni gets in response is slippery grin and a long drawn out...] Mmmmhm, riiiiiiiight.
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Please, we've been kicked out of all the places.

[Izzy sighs dramatically.] I suppose not. I guess. I mean...of course not. [She mumbles out the last part.]
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There are, like, signs with our pictures on it that say, "KEEP OUT". This is the reason I own my own venue. No one can kick us out even though I do occasionally threaten myself with it just to keep things interesting.
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Magic in your pants.
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I said in your pants, sweet stuff.
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If you are magic, will I get whatever I desire by waving you back and forth and reciting a few special words?
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Of course you are.
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we will we will rokea

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Well, lassie, making it disappear would be the easy part.
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thank you thank you

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[Well, that just about confirms that.]

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

[He seems to be debating whether to say something additional. Temptation gets the better of him.]

Very magical. Know any other tricks?

Shake hands, fetch, roll over...
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Alright, alright. No need to get sore. We're all magic here...
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[He chuffs.]

Yeah, I know how subtle your kind can be. One minute you're minding your own business, the next you're up to your neck in...

[Luca trails off, leaving the past where it is. He doesn't have as dim of a view of the garou as, say, the mokole. But he has his reasons.]
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It can be tempting to swim in that water under the bridge. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You know how that goes.

[Must be one strong motherfucker by now, he muses, vaguely accounting all the tricks he himself has learned. Probably shouldn't hint too hard about how those encounters with the wolves long ago ended.]