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[ Soaked and getting coffee, escaping downpour. ]
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[He’s waiting in line to be served and it looks like he’s been standing there a while. On a bright side, he isn’t out in the rain…yet. He side eye’s the man.]

Dude, the service here is damn slow. I’m thinking being out in the rain is a better option.
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Good luck with that. The way this line is moving we'll be geriatrics by the time we get to be served. On a bright side, it's good weather for the cabbies.
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Look at that, we have something in common. Care to share with the rest of the class the story, or shouldn't I ask?
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Yeah, those types always makes you question if unemployment is a better option. As for me, I'm a cab driver.

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[James is holding a cup of tea in both hands, huddling over it in an attempt to warm himself after getting drenched outside.]

Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?
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Make yourself at home, friend.

[He smiles and nods invitingly. He never minds company, even if he feels a bit awkward entertaining it while so wet his shirt is half translucent. Dignified this is not...]
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If you know how to use this, there's a weather app you can check...

[He offers his smart phone, handling the device with the same degree of enthusiasm he might use to pick up a dead rat.]
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[James takes the phone and tucks it away again. It's not that he hates the thing, per se, since it tends to be very useful on occasion, but he's no fan of how dependent people have become on them. After all, he remembers when just making a phone call at all was a big deal. It's not so much that he minds change, as that he hates how jaded people have become as a result.]

Well, it's still better than Great Britain, at least. A little variation can be nice every now and again...