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God, I need a fucking vacation.
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The story of my life.
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Babysitting. So, what did yours do?
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Just think of all the good times you'll have, that is, after you wade through the pile of shit to get there. Yeah, I got nothing.

You think? At least it pays the bills.

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I'm so glad I can be of help and be a shinning light in your moments of darkness.

Pfft, the state of the times makes it rubbish to be just starting out in self-employment and I like the certainty of a pay check, so why make things harder for my self. Wait, do I need to give you a layman's definition of what a pay check is, your Highness?
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Oh, thank god for that; I didn't want to pull out the crayons and paper for visual diagrams.

[Gives a snort.] Yeah, kind of friends. You can save the job for the person who needs the legitimacy. I gotta do what I gotta do, you know. And in some circles bodyguard is kind of legit? That aside, what are you and the kiddo going to do to brighten crap up. I mean, like a day out thing.
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I guess all you can do is talk to her. That age they aren't babbling, puking, craping in their pants, and falling all over the place; they can hold a pretty decent conversation if you can get it out of them. The key word being if, apparently it's not the done thing to be around the oldies.

Maybe I should just stick with asking what kind of vacation would you go on.
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Babies are fucking terrifying. Give me bratty teenagers any day.

Ohh, now that's my kind of vacation...[Jasper pauses and he gets a glint in his eyes.] You know I have a talent for bagging up wanted love children. You can set up the cheesy island-themed drinks and the sandy beach. Just say the word, give me the mission to get you that love child.
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Because you'd owe me and Christ knows, I need a free vacation.
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C'mon, don't tempt me. I'd do it in a heart beat if I hadn't volunteered for extra work time, have to see to the dog, and you know trying to be the responsible adult.

[Jasper is about a heart beat away from just running away with Janet and taking up her offer. He gives an apologetic look.]

Yeah, you can text me every day you are there so I know how much an idiot I am for passing this up.
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True that. Then again, I'm more likely to die of old age first.