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I could build that, easy. [Smirks]
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What are we building?
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And what, exactly, is a "poke ball"?
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[He raises a brow at that, considering.]

What sort of creature would you keep in there exactly. It hardly looks like a suitable habitat...
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Well, I'm no Nikola Tesla, but I certainly have my moments.

[He chuckles since she wouldn't believe some of the inventions he's had a hand in during his life, some of them actually with Nikola's collaboration.]
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"Oh, nothing very 'cool'," he assures her, shaking his head. His own background is pretty extraordinary as well, but he tends to keep the exact details quiet in order to avoid causing pain or confusion to the brains of the uninitiated.

"A few medical devices of the artificial heart-lung and general organ-replacement variety. I helped create the first insulin pump, for one..."

He also helped isolate and map DNA, but that's more a discovery than an invention and modesty prevents him from taking full credit for work done by many different parties all over the world over such a long period of time.
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"The specifics make for a long story," he answers, smiling and shaking his head. "I think it's easiest to say that I've never been comfortable with the concept of dying on any but my own terms. I was thirty-five when I had my first heart-attack, and not much older when one of my kidneys failed. That spurred me to start researching artificial alternatives to being forced to rely on my own damaged organs. So, some friends and I started designing prototypes, then eventually collaborated with other researchers in the field. I've been my own guinea pig for decades now."

Which implies that he either started very young indeed, or that he's much older than he looks...
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"I use mostly synthetic materials in my designs, although Nikola and Helen have been working with organics quite a bit lately, so I have a few of those inside as well."

He chokes a bit at her question about his humanity. "Well, that's blunt!"
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"I take a medicine, of a sort. It's actually refined from a friend's blood. And, no, as you seem to have observed, I haven't been fully human in a long time now..."