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I ain't felt that way before.
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And which way is that?
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Awe, huh? Awe is a good one. Makes you feel so tiny. But so... elevated.

And what filled you with such awe, lad?
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[He gives a wide, warm smile at that.]

Ah, the day you realized your own destiny. Savour it, lad. It's to be one of the best days of your life.
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[He smiles at that.]

Let me tell you something that it took me decades of experience to realize. There's nothing as profoundly satisfying as having a cherished goal to work towards. The love of a good woman comes close, but that's its own quest, with its own rewards and pitfalls...
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Oh, I'm a bit older than I look, lad.

[He chuckles and shakes his head. At 163, most of his best days are behind him or, at least, a great many very wonderful decades have passed for him. He doubts he'll live many more, and he's at peace with that fact.]

Oh, not all women... [He laughs again.] But the right kind of woman is very much worth the trouble, I assure you.
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Simple. I know the right girl. She's made my life hell on and off for decades now, and I've loved every second of it. Dragged me into wars, assassinations, causes any sane man would run the other way from... And she's made me a better, happier man along the way...
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Annoyed? Exhausted? Compassionate?
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[She's going to ignore the sweetheart. For now.]

Ah, now that makes sense. Can't say I've felt that feeling a lot either.
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[He does almost because wow is he checking so many of Carol's boxes.]

Yeah, me neither usually. Can I ask what it was?
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Mmmm, now that I understand. I had that the first time I saw a fighter jet.

What's she like?
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[Carol listens intently and nods as he describes the different features.]

Well, then it's no wonder you felt that sense of destiny. She sounds like a beauty.
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[There aren't many things Carol will want to listen to, but spaceships is one of those things.]

A jet is a really sleek plane. Super fast. Great maneuvering.
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Like what? [She tops off his glass with the bottle at their table. Because cantina.]
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You want me to pretend like I didn't?
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Oh, yeah. [She gets it.] Like that feeling of coming home?