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 My way is not working. [growls]
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May be time to have a drink and rethink your approach, then?
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No, killing is tough, and should only be used as a last resort. It kills a piece of you, too, every time you take a life, no matter how evil. They never tell you that when they're training you to do it.

Maybe a second set of eyes on the problem could help, though? Why don't you have a drink and tell me all about it?

[He pulls out a gold-plated, jeweled flask and extends it towards the other man.]
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mostly figurative, since he hasn't figured out the whole "can't see" thing yet

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(ooc: and he can't be a literal DD since he can't drive and cars still kind of scare him. but he can be the sober one for Matt, lol. He's very used to being the voice of reason in his setting)

[The whiskey is definitely strong, considering its origins, and Matt may find that, the more he drinks, the more the flask produces. It's one trick of many that Komaru has up his sleeves. Matt will probably notice that he's short, several inches shy of five feet tall, and he might even notice that he doesn't smell entirely human. Not unpleasant at all, just not typically human.]

I'm Komaru, by the way. Why don't you tell me what's on your mind? Maybe I can help?
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considering he's from a dungeons and dragons-like setting, he says "What's an Uber?" lol

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Of course you can trust me. Unless of course you turn out to be evil or insane, then we might have a problem. But I'm generally a pretty laid-back and trustworthy guy. I didn't even spill any of Liddi's secrets that time she saved my... backside, and I was mad enough to...
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Oh, don't worry. The law and I don't always see eye-to-eye, either. I'll follow it when it's just, and disregard it when it's unjust. The rest of the time, we're just... kind of acquainted in passing.
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That's an admirable goal. Sometimes the law is designed to help the group, but it fails the individual. The weak need their defenders, too, usually more so than the strong ever do. Men like us can defend ourselves. Not everyone is so lucky.
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There's a life after this one, though. Your ability to make a difference doesn't stop when your physical body does, not if your convictions are strong enough to keep you tethered here.
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There's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism, but you have to keep your mind open, too.

[He certainly had to open his mind, at least, after a spell misfire made him start seeing and hearing ghosts. It really changed his beliefs about life and death.]

In my experience, it's a big multiverse. Most things are possible, if you just look hard enough for the right time and place where they can happen.
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i'm actually not all the way caught up on DD. What's the Hand?

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Immortals can really lose their perspective on what's important and what's not. I think when you live too long, you lose touch.

Yeah, multiverse. It's like... there's the universe you live in, and it has lots of planes that make it up. But it's not the only universe either. And all the different planes touch and connect somewhere at some point. So even though they're all completely different, they're all actually linked, too...

(ooc: sorry, though this sent ages ago)
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thanks :) I'm way behind on my MCU *hangs head* I'll catch up eventually, though. i hope :D

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You don't see the air, either. Doesn't mean it's not there or isn't vital to our existence.

[He shrugs. He grew up with proof of other planes of existence, and sees no reason to change his beliefs now that he's living in a different universe than the one he was born into.]
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Coulson is adorable, even when he's not trying to be :D

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[He hesitates. If Matt could see, he'd notice that Komaru's expression is cagey at the moment. As it is, his voice is a little evasive despite his attempt to keep it steady. For a thief, Komaru is a terrible liar.]

I... suppose you'd have to travel to a different universe, or meet a creature who has. A vision might do it, too.
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he's an amazing actor. he made a basiccally random extra into a fan favorite :D

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[Komaru bites his lip, clearing his throat.]

Not human at all, no. Kitsune. I've heard my people called demons, but that's not really accurate since we're not from a hellish plane. But we're not human. Nothing about us is human, except that we can look that way, if we want to. Which is usually safer than looking like ourselves...

:) *hugs*

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will do :)

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lol :D

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Can I ask what way is that?