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A third wife? Christmas in July!
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To be a fly on the wall of the TARDIS.
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The Doctor is either going to be cross, or he's going to or well she's going to be loving every moment of it.

But we'll have to wait and see how it goes.
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I take it you're going to give her tips on how to deal with the new body.
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Come along?

[ Martha raises an eyebrow, but knowing who this is, she can't all but laugh. ]

If you mean to keep her out of trouble, because if there is one consistent thing when it comes to The Doctor it is getting herself in trouble.
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Hey now, I wouldn't have said, yes, if getting into trouble wasn't fun.

[ Getting to meet Shakespear was amazing, as was getting to travel with people in an underground motorway billions of years into the future. Martha smiles as she thinks back to when she traveled with The Doctor. ]

You're not the only one who's gotten up there in age. I'm not as spry as I once was, and I could have sworn I saw the beginnings of crow's feet.
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[Cross arms. He's just going to sulk over here, thanks.]
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Who said I ever stopped?
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Yes it was. And no.

[He means yes to the question. But is still sulking.]
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I'm tired of always changing.

[But the kiss might have led to a twitch of the lips which would almost be a smile, if he were in the mood for a smile.]
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[He uncrosses a bit of arm enough to cover her hand.]

Changing too much isn't good either....

[He's missed River so much he can't even properly express it and touching might be almost too much but he can't not touch her back.]
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There's a ways to go before we know if it's a good change or not. I'd think you'd see beyond biology by now.
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[He shrugs.]

Change is hardest on the one doing the changing.

[Especially when he doesn't want to change. Honestly, it's all been too much too soon recently. He's going through regenerations faster now than he did when he was younger.]

I haven't gotten to know future me yet either.

[And he's already met a rather evil and conniving version. How does he know she isn't the Valeyard? He has reasons to fear his future selves.]
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Nah, she's us alright. Still not ginger, but the future is female.
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Yes, tons to celebrate. Who knows what might happen. I for one am chuffed. [beams]
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[he blushes, uncharacteristically] Why not?
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Galley, is that way. [The Doctor points down a few stairs, down the hall]
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I hope she doesn't look better in purple than I do.
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I don't think any other mes have tried. Though I have to say, the lining on The Grumpy Scottish One's coat is rather nice.
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And you know the reasons?

[Of course she does, she's River, she always knows.]

And of course not, not all of me can be as cool as this face.
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[The Doctor straightens his tie]

I knew I could get someone to agree with me.
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I was just thinking I was in the mood for something new.