gallifreys_last: (Ten Surprised)
[personal profile] gallifreys_last
Still not ginger. But a woman?
grailknight: (smile: slight)
[personal profile] grailknight
Having conflicting feelings on my birthday.
shelbycobra: (Heavy is the burden)
[personal profile] shelbycobra
I know. I miss Tommy too.
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Attempting to reboot notifications now, sir....
hismanfriday: (1)
[personal profile] hismanfriday
I am not made for this!
cheeseburgermarvel: (serious time / oh no you didn't)
[personal profile] cheeseburgermarvel
My movie's getting pushed back.

asiodoxos: <user name=austen-icons> (Default)
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You wish to send me where?
instigatorook: [ do not take ] (pic#9445187)
[personal profile] instigatorook
Bit early for this, ain't it?
thegoodlighter: pǝq ʎɯ uı ǝɔɐps ǝɥʇ ǝɹɐ uoʎ (action - rise weary/tired)
[personal profile] thegoodlighter
You're doing this to me why?
fratofcards: PB: Channing Tatum (005;)
[personal profile] fratofcards
[ Francis Underwood is not amused. ] No.
not_teatime: (Sad)
[personal profile] not_teatime
 Go enjoy the desert, maker mine.
itrhymes: (wut)
[personal profile] itrhymes
What are you doing in here?
riverborntorun: (Thoughtful)
[personal profile] riverborntorun
Sounds like somebody's judging.

[Possibly referencing....?]
theemdash: (HP Padfoot)
[personal profile] theemdash
Write stories. Join [community profile] getyourwordsout for 2015.
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[personal profile] ourlostprophet
Join [community profile] charloft for daily writing prompts!
bl1ndfolds33r: (4LON3)
[personal profile] bl1ndfolds33r
Finding meme partners is surprisingly difficult.
expartner: (working)
[personal profile] expartner
God damn it, Cary. You're ridiculous.
notagnusdei: (blue eyes)
[personal profile] notagnusdei
"I can imagine him saying that."
expartner: (red)
[personal profile] expartner
All this and now Kalinda. Shit.
what_fourth_wall: (Angryface)
[personal profile] what_fourth_wall
I'M NOT PG-13.

saveonelife: (Jenny)
[personal profile] saveonelife
The 'frak Cylons' T-shirt? Not funny.
risenridingwolves: (Default)
[personal profile] risenridingwolves
Almost there. We can do this.
sonofcoul: (Welllll...)
[personal profile] sonofcoul
Better than my universe, but still....
hypnotise: (i)
[personal profile] hypnotise
Congratulations on your choice of 'muse'.
gonetraveling: (Unsure about this)
[personal profile] gonetraveling
I don't really look like myself.
tenthdoc: (Default)
[personal profile] tenthdoc
This thing makes me look ridiculous.
riverborntorun: (Awe)
[personal profile] riverborntorun
Will he never give that up?
work_inprogress: (Innocent - really)
[personal profile] work_inprogress
I probably should stop kissing teenagers.
ofdrumsthesound: (LOL)
[personal profile] ofdrumsthesound
I'd kill for its own sake.
[personal profile] captsosa
"Hey, have you seen these men?"
sengokupocky: (Default)
[personal profile] sengokupocky
This anime season's gonna be awesome!
followmynose: <user name="trexaur"> (of leaving yesterday)
[personal profile] followmynose
I hope the others come too.
yellow_eyes: (smile)
[personal profile] yellow_eyes
 [Excited about game prospects.] Oh goody.
enduring_pryde: (smiling)
[personal profile] enduring_pryde
Apparently I can still be surprised!
merlynlegacy: (Default)
[personal profile] merlynlegacy
Holding my breath; I'm not ready.
a_time_slip: (glamour thinking)
[personal profile] a_time_slip
My mun wanted to punch someone...


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