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Can't sleep again. Another long day.
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Casino barge turned temple, everyone's welcome.
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[accidentally bumps into you, spilling coffee]
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Every year seems to get harder.
dr_jd_watson: (huh...)
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Sometimes I miss everything being simple...
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Steve! We have an undercover mission!
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I'm never traveling in time again. 
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Caught Bollywood-dancing. "It's good exercise!"
barre_none: (crap)
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That really hit where it hurts..
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I'm the best drone racer ever.
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I wonder what happened to him.
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Stayin' in tonight. Netflix. Rogue One.
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 Doctor for hire. Assassin if desired.
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[Aiming knife at a running rabbit.]
gallifreys_last: (Ten Surprised)
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Still not ginger. But a woman?
riverborntorun: (Dressed to kill)
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A third wife? Christmas in July!
secondshift: (Headache)
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[Stunned.] They're forcing me to retire.
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Finally I have a day off.
be_thechange: (happiness)
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Michael? Mike? Lincoln? Are you home?
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I do like a good surprise.
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 I've always preferred billiards to chess. 
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Hiking to get away from things...
ara_moonshine: (Aranka)
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I could build that, easy. [Smirks]
tessanne: (tess is uncomfortable)
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He apologized, but it was weird.
shelbycobra: (Has a headache)
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Another reason to hate the money.
loyalassistant: (sneaky)
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Well, this is all very interesting.
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Reputations? Good for saving you time.
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I have a James Bond fantasy.
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Didn't know corruption would hurt...
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God, I need a fucking vacation.
dogamidstmen: (M!Are you kidding me)
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[ Soaked and getting coffee, escaping downpour. ]
putbacktogether: (easy like sunday morning)
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I'm absolutely not sleeping alone tonight.
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Use magic? Please, I am magic.
shelbycobra: (Oh no you didn't)
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Oh my Lord that was insane.
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That totally was not my fault.
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Bizarre requests just before closing time...
tessanne: (tess is angry)
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[Tess is crying her eyes out.]
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In the park, playing his violin...
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Anyone free for a night out?


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