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I really wanted that fish tank.
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Maybe next time.
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Didn't think there'd be a first time, did you?
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You can say that again.
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We could do to be a little more prepared.
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I can think of a few who could use some rigidity.
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Adaptable is a good place to start, then.
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I guess we can all stand to learn a little something.
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That's one word for it.
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Dull can be nice, too, sometimes.
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Why can't you have a fish tank?
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That a nice way puttin' they were cranky 'bout it?
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Ah, he sounds like my Cap'n. He's cranky 'bout things. Didn't like when I first put the hammock up, but soon he didn't go objectin' to me runnin' bits and pieces t'go fermentin' wine through the engine room.
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Ain't all that special. Just do what I can. Not a whole lot to do some days.
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So what do you do?
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I could always make arrangements for you.
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That's very so. If you want a shark tank, I'm sure I can pull a full strings.
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Over the top? Nah, I wouldn't exactly call a tank with some small sharks over the top. Besides, I'd say a shark tank would fit a guy like yourself. [ He gives him a once over, and he follows it up with a waggle of an eyebrow. ] You seem to be the type that bites and doesn't want to let go.
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What type of business are you in if you don't mind me asking. Are you a lawyer, the CEO of a multi-billion dollar cooperation, or worse a politician? It’s nothing really; I’m just a tad bit curious.
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I was hoping that a suit like you would be into something a bit more interesting. [ Crowley is disappointed about this news, but he tries to hold out for some hope! ] So, you're one of those Feds or an agent, gotcha.
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Can you reassure me that you are a dirty cop, or am I shooting my expectations just a tad bit too high? [ He goes and grumbles. ] ...In the eye of the beholder my ass.